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General Wargaming Discussions
NAWGC Internal forum
210 1579 Friday, 12-May-2023, 11:21:28
Thread: Battlefleet Gothic - T'a...
Posted by: Morgoth
Arranging Games
Looking to plan ahead? Leave some comments here for future games or campaigns and ideas of wargames to play in the upcoming weeks & months!
17 147 Tuesday, 04-Nov-2014, 20:33:03
Thread: Junta
Posted by: zellak
HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game that uses the Clix system!
4 28 Tuesday, 16-Oct-2012, 20:40:19
Thread: Some customs help
Posted by: pavlov
Kings of War by Mantic
A mass combat fantasy miniatures game from Mantic Game. From terrifying Undead to elite Elves, KoW is a fast action game with Free Rules written by esteemed author Alessio Cavatore.
15 84 Friday, 01-Sep-2017, 12:08:12
Thread: Arkania 2.0
Posted by: Che
Historical Discussions
Wings of War; Saga/Dux Mil (Dark ages); I ain't been shot mum; X-Wing ... any more historical threads you can think on ... post here!
15 63 Friday, 10-Jul-2015, 15:13:17
Thread: Bolt Action
Posted by: Morgoth
Ebay Bidding Activity
A forum to state if your bidding on any war games items, to try and minimize members bidding on same items and so pushing the cost up.
16 34 Wednesday, 13-May-2015, 23:00:04
Thread: D-Wars
Posted by: zellak

AT-43 Discussions
AT-43 - General
"No-one escapes war!" ... Various threads on general AT-43 info.
48 489 Monday, 17-Nov-2014, 11:29:46
Thread: AT-43 game on Sunday 16 Nove...
Posted by: Che
AT-43 - Rules, inHouse Rules & FAQs
Any & All rule queries, FAQ', errata & inHouse updates.
50 549 Monday, 09-Jun-2014, 20:27:15
Thread: Maranos rules meeting 10/11/13
Posted by: zellak
AT-43 - Armies
List ur model & troopers here!
23 197 Thursday, 08-May-2014, 23:46:51
Thread: Keirs Libra list
Posted by: zellak
AT-43 - Frostbite Sectors
List ur sector quirks & query's here!
4 55 Friday, 14-Sep-2012, 09:06:10
Thread: The Mine - Red Fields Battle...
Posted by: Che
AKA: AT-43plus ... a forum for a playtesting group to ratify new optional units and rules.
12 196 Thursday, 26-Sep-2013, 16:30:15
Thread: Tau Playtesting
Posted by: Che

Roleplay Discussions
Roleplay - General
27 179 Tuesday, 07-May-2019, 18:54:10
Thread: Trial of Cthulhu RPG: The Bo...
Posted by: Che
Roleplay - Rules, InHouse Rules & FAQ's
9 60 Tuesday, 27-Dec-2016, 00:00:30
Thread: Samantha Wilson (Taurus IV ...
Posted by: Steffi
Roleplay - News & Gossip
3 29 Saturday, 30-Sep-2017, 15:33:44
Thread: Shadowrun Anarchy ........ J...
Posted by: Che
Hoplites RPG
An RPG fantasy world in Ancient Greece. A world of Heroes and Mythical Legends after the end of the Trojan War, steeped in mysteries, lore and conflict.
4 17 Friday, 08-Oct-2021, 08:22:17
Thread: Hoplites 2
Posted by: zellak

Warhammer 40k Discussions
Warhammer 40k - General
The place to discuss anything about 40K that doesn't fit into any of the other forums!
7 29 Thursday, 26-May-2022, 08:50:20
Thread: 2022 40K Challenge League
Posted by: zellak
Warhammer 40K - Rules, inHouse Rules & FAQs
What rules do u play? What rules do u like and what do u hate ... grrrrrr!
6 12 Monday, 27-Dec-2021, 22:46:02
Thread: Grimdark Future ( OnePageRul...
Posted by: zellak
Warhammer 40K - Club Blurb
Anything to do with the club ... gamedays, tournaments or visiting a show?
4 33 Monday, 10-Nov-2014, 16:45:47
Thread: Maelstrom 2014 Leaderboard
Posted by: zellak
Warhammer 40K - Armies
Tell us what armies you have, post 40K army lists or boast of ur mighty battles! War on!
7 30 Friday, 15-Aug-2014, 11:23:35
Thread: Chaos Space Marine 1200 poi...
Posted by: zellak
Warhammer 40K - News & Gossip
Heard anything new in the 40k universe? Let us know!
8 59 Saturday, 04-Oct-2014, 18:55:30
Thread: 7th edition bat reps.
Posted by: zellak
Warhammer 40K - Painting & Modeling
Guess? Go on ... guess ... I dare yah!
4 11 Monday, 17-Sep-2012, 14:02:48
Thread: Spares and Sprews
Posted by: Morgoth

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer Fantasy - General
What's happening in the WF world? Any new gossip, who's doin' what? ... Stick'em here!
3 6 Monday, 21-May-2012, 16:21:43
Thread: Mr Brown, Mr Red & Mr Yellow!
Posted by: Balrog
Warhammer Fantasy - Campaigns!
Keep your campaigns up to date here. Any new ones, any suggestions ... anything!
1 4 Tuesday, 24-Jul-2012, 08:35:23
Thread: Campaign Armies
Posted by: CRUSAD3R
Warhammer Fantasy - Rules, inHouse Rules & FAQs
Not sure what rules are current? Need some advice on the rules in general?? Ask here!!!
1 2 Tuesday, 29-May-2012, 02:31:04
Thread: 8th Ed Magic Rule - 6's ...
Posted by: Morgoth
Warhammer Fantasy - Armies
State your name & rank soldier! Show off your army numbers or what paint projects you have on the go!
3 7 Sunday, 11-Nov-2012, 21:48:21
Thread: Orcs & Goblins Army
Posted by: Morgoth

AT-43 - Club, News & Gossip [Archive]
What's happening in the AT-43 Universe!
21 459 Wednesday, 15-May-2013, 11:40:57
Thread: To many AT-43 forums
Posted by: zellak
AT-43 - Frostbite Campaign (2012) [Archive]
The Black Fortresses & Red Fields are the new battlefields for the 2012 Frostbite Campaign ... War ON! Only Da' Umpire can post here, everyone else can view his rulings!
10 0 Sunday, 08-Apr-2012, 12:44:56
Thread: Umpire
Posted by: gerrywithaG
AT-43 Forum [Archive]
"No-one escapes war!" ... Various threads on rules, FAQ's, models and tactics for AT-43.
2 6 Saturday, 01-Dec-2012, 15:19:35
Thread: AT-43: Da' Umpire Protocols?
Posted by: zellak
External NAWGC Forums [Archive]
Heads-Up Warmongers! Due to difficulties with the website forums, an external forum with another ISP is available for club members to use.
1 0 Tuesday, 23-Feb-2010, 19:03:00
Thread: Link 2 External Forums
Posted by: Balrog

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