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Humanity is at war with the technologically advanced Therians, a presumably robotic species bent on subjugating and transforming all planets for their ultimate purpose: the crafting of a "better", more organized universe under their rule, which they refer to as their "therian heaven".
Gibsonville - Magic & Mayhem [20]
Do you feel different to those around you but can't quite figure out how or why? Do you find strange things happening around you? Do unfamiliar and perturbing feelings come over you? Do you want help to come to terms with these new experiences?
Warhammer Fantasy [0]
Warhammer world is rich with history and legend, aeons of bloodshed and conflict have shaped both its surface and its denizens into a world of relentless battle.
Blood Bowl [3]
28mm Blood bowl, Games workshop board game
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Dungeons and Dragons [29]
Dungeons and dragons Drow Campaign
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Search/Destroy Agents hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission to control, living in the "Doghouse", a deep spaceport high above New Britain.
Hoard of the Things [2]
15mm Hoard of the Things
DnD Kalan's Story [24]
The Story of Kalan, a Drow with an unquenchable lust for gold, power and women.
AD&D: The Adventures of Alaric Ironclaw [2]
The brave adventures of a warrior hellbent on destroying all the vile creatures in Haven!
Avalon Hill B-17 Queen of the Skies [1]
B-17 Bomber campaign
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"A voyage of discovery in Ancient Greece. A band of heroes set out to discover their world!"
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Myth is a cooperative tabletop game for 2 to 5 players. Each player takes on the role of a hero and must work together to overcome The Darkness. Using a deck of cards unique to each hero, players explore the realm, battle evil monsters, and overcome dangerous traps in order to complete quests and acquire powerful new items and abilities.

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Island of Dread part 2

Just as the weary group arrive back to hear the bad news of the crown being taken they turn to see a group of twenty irate villagers led by a female warrior. The natives of the village Tanaroa are upset to see the n ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1397 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 12-Apr-2010 | Comments (2)

The Renegade Aftermath & The Island of Dread Part 1
After a few days of nervous looks and posturing Gul asserts himself as Captain and looks to Kalan as first mate. The Drow then set their plans in motion. They are to buy and retro fit the ship suitable for their new lifestyle and take care of some loose ends. They must be more like a team than ever if they are to survive the coming weeks ahead.
They know their time is short – Shandizar will not be slow to seek revenge on the renegades and Lloth is a powerful vicious god. They must get themselves sorted out and leave the valley for some time. They hear of an island far to the Southwest off Imperial Human lands where great wealth and danger abound. It is called the Island of Dread.
The crew set out to Trade Town to seek Raska the merchant. They landed the ship out of sight and hidden 2 miles from the outskirts of Trade Town. To Raska they offer him talks of an independent flying ship to be used for stealth, speed, or protection. Gul contacts Raska to speed up the delivery of the magic potions, and purchase 10 anti-poison vials. The crew also take stock of their needs and put their platinum and gold funds together to purchase what is needed for the ship. They also ask for a shipwright to replace Henkeil the druegar. From Raska they buy; 20 swords. 20 ballista bol ... Read more »
Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1269 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 19-Mar-2010 | Comments (0)

The Tomb of the Catfolk Hero Kama

As the Drow took a short respite Dr Cronk gets himself settled in the Drows laboratory as the rest set about their own interests. Kalan took the time to finish off the Book of Charm he had been reading over the last few weeks, but not fully dedicating himself to it until now. Gul was using his new found skills in sorcery to prepare potions he had gleaned from the Hellhounds tongues and other finds from the previous outings. Kalan was at a similar level of sorcery but just had not figured out how these raw materials could be used in potions. He thought maybe Gul would sell some off if they were any good.
At this point Cronk started showing off an ancient rare book on Illithed Volume 2. Gul’s henchman Tsab recalled Birz had found Volume 1 on an earlier adventure. Birz was contacted and surprisingly handed it over to the crew for their library. Nsaar took it upon himself to start reading through the book. This started several sleepless nights for Nsaar, and the crew within earshot, as he woke up screaming in the dark. He would not say why he was pestered by nightmares, but all assumed the books had something to do with it - and no one wanted to take over his task. 
Kalan had considered causing some trouble with the other Rieve ... Read more »
Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1481 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 19-Feb-2010 | Comments (1)

The fall of New Orc City and the White Orc Csar Krawn

As the crew waited in their laboratory Vixia appears and calls on them "all of clan Kobra are summoned to the main hall by House Mother Agna for a sacrifice of a heretic”. To prepare all males had to remove all weapons, armour and clothing. They were only allowed a cloak to cover themselves. Most of the crew had magic rings, or amulets so they took those. Kalan had his magic eye imbedded in his head - so that had to come with him. The females went as they were – clothed, armoured and armed.

As the crew entered the hall they were jeered at by the other Riever crews and scorned by other members of the house Kobra – seen as scavengers they were the lowest in the Drow hierarchy. The crew took their places just as Agna appeared followed by her daughters - the elite of the Lloth priestesses. Form the other side guards appeared pulling a screaming male between them. He cried "It wasn’t me I’m not a heretic!! Let me go!!” Agna spoke to the Clan "A new heresy has invaded our house and will be purged from us like the previous sickness. All hail to Lloth!!” The Clan scream their approval as the unfortunate Drow male was stripped and laid across the alter. His arms and legs pinned down by the guards. Agna lifts up the sacrificial blade and shouts again, this time a L ... Read more »
Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1524 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 13-Feb-2010 | Comments (0)

Background story of Kalan Kobra

Kalan started as an outsider living in a small Drow settlement near to the Dwarf Kingdoms. He returned to the Drow City Shanizar in order to claim riches and rewards for himself. With new found power and fame he hoped would satisfy his continuous lust – difficult to do in such a small community without creating dangerous enemies.


For a Drow he is marked as an outsider due to being a head taller than most Drow and broader in shoulder. His additional strength makes him a deadly opponent and good in a fight. He fights with a sword and shield, and a length of fighting chain. But in a city where nobility of birth sets you on a higher level than the rest he quickly realises friends in high places matter more on his path to glory.  He is intelligent and uses this to blend in with the Drow City Shaniz ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1812 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The Drow twins’ story

In the early quests where even a pack of dire rats could cause the group serious problems the Despair had Drow twins a female Malag and a male Kell. The twins were noble merchants and trusted by Captain Bâleed – so were sent to keep an eye on the new recruits. They were particularly good at spotting traps and secret doors saving the adventurers on several occasions but the twins only fought to protect each other. Kalan as usual tried his masculine charm on Malag but she replied with a withering stare and a dagger pointed at his vitals. He even saved Kell, and helped the Malag to full health by casting cure light wounds to try an impress her. Instead of this making them more amenable towards Kalan and the group they became more secretive and guarded. This was particularly true as the crew Gul, Birz, and Kalan flourished and grew stronger with each quest and each success.


At one point during a very dangerous encounter Kalan overheard Kell whispering an oath to Eilistraee (a ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1514 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The Ire of Captain Bâleed

Bâleed vented her anger at the disgrace she felt with the twins’ desertion by seeking out dangerous encounters for her crew to undertake. Should they fail then some of the scavenger crew would die, but should they succeed then the fame, wealth and glory would ensure a higher status in clan Kobra. One such was quest Gul, Kalan, Birz, and Zaen (a new crew member from an underworld family) was sent to kill a fully grown creature called a “land shark” or “Bullette”. This heavily armoured creature is sought after for its super strong but lightweight crest, which is fashioned by the Drow into a powerful shield. This was the prize Bâleed coveted.


The Bullette burrows underground to move from one place to another, only coming up to attack unwary prey. Fortunately for Kalan and the others it does not like the smell of Elves or Drow so will normally ignore them. The crew set themselves up near large boulders at the base of a mountain and stomped on the ground to attract the huge creature’s attention. As it cha ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1402 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The babbling head

Another quest soon had Kalan and the crew embarking on another dangerous task. The crew were set on a mission to retrieve a valuable artefact the House Mother had discovered.  The exact nature of what they were looking for was only given to Captain Bâleed. Again the crew were set upon by nasty traps and wandering monsters. Their increased skill and caution allowed them to pass most of these with ease. Even a head to head with a wraith was avoided by Kalan’s skilful picking of a lock and the brightness the lantern keeping it at bay. Their confidence was destroyed though when crossing a particularly wide cavern floor the group were attacked by a huge Hydra. They knew they were out of their depth with this monster and ran towards the doors at the other side. Firing volleys of poisoned darts at the creature as they sped across the floor. As it charged the final distance they were amazed to see the last dart strike it dead, just a few yards from the door they were rushing to get through. What was just as amazing was the dart, fired by the cowardly ex-gunner who spends most of these missions hiding on the ship, had stoo ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1463 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The Well of Life

The following week while hunting through an underground cavern originally inhabited by a Chaos Dwarf sorcerer Vandire they came across what had caused of the loss of the Well of Life in the Elf kingdom. Vandire had sought eternal life and to make himself a demigod. In doing so he had diverted the subterranean river that fed the well back towards his cavern.


Kalan and the crew cleared out the cavern of all valuables then deliberately defaced the murals that detailed exactly how Vandire achieved it and where the river coarse had been diverted from. When they returned to the Drow City Shanizar the Kobra House Mother ordered them to release the river to the original Well of Life and capture the initial more potent flow and return it to her – making the sorceress more powerful. With a powerful earth elemental spell they sought out the obstruction to release the river to its normal route. As this was deep within Elf territory this was a dangerous task set for the Despair crew. Gul wa ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1404 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

Well of Life – Higs McBeer the Dwarf

Additional to this story of the “Well of Life” the crew had to kidnap an aged dwarf Higs from his isolated home in the middle of the night leaving his distraught wife and sister. The Drow needed Higs to remove the devilish traps left by Vandire to stand a chance of getting through the caverns defences. He turned out to be very useful and compliant; disabling traps and even repairing viper bolt pistols.


This compliance of Higs was thanks to the quick thinking of Kalan who stopped the crew from killing the dwarf females. Instead the crew set fire to their home after stealing any valuables they found. Kalan, who speaks dwarf, convinced the captain that Higs would more likely do their biding with his family unharmed and he had the hope of freedom. Kalan, keeping to speaking in Dwarf, had also secretly promised Higs to free him when they were done – well he was so aged he would not make much of a slave for long. The dwarf did not see his freedom straight away but was returned to the City of the Drow ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1356 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

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