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Remember we are off on the 20th!!


Gang Wars

zellak, Stephen, Iain, & ...



Craig McD, Craig McC, Jamie



Ross, Howard, Ian B, Roddy, Walter, & ? ...


Game of Thrones board Game

Keir, Stewart P, Jack, & ...



Stewart W, Jamie S, William, Chris, Aragorn, & ...


Have a good Easter, add below what you are up to on the 27th.


Views: 18 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 15-Apr-2014 | Comments (1)

can somebody give me philsons contact details to try and sort out a tuesday game of thrones game please phone number would be great 

Views: 37 | Added by: smurfy | Date: 13-Apr-2014 | Comments (4)

Gang Wars

zellak, Stephen, ...



40K 2 v 2

Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain, Jamie



Game of Thrones

Keir, Ross, Rory, Walter, Howard, Stew P




Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, ...




Aidan, Cameron


This is our last weekend before off on Sunday the 20th!!!

Views: 93 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 06-Apr-2014 | Comments (29)

Update we will be shut on the 20th of April for the Easter weekend!!


Jamie Swaffer V Robert

Iain, Craig McC, Craig McD, Rory, Jamie McL




Aiden, Cameron, Stew P, and ?



Saga / Gladiator / Ronin / Blue Max / Eldritch Horror

Howard, Ross, zellak, Ian W, Alan B, ...??




Stew W, Chris G, Aragorn, William, ??


Many to say if in and what they are doing ...




Views: 92 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 30-Mar-2014 | Comments (21)


Craig McC, Craig McD, Jamie S, Jamie McL, Robert, Iain



Stew W, Chris G, Aragorn


Gang War, Blue Max

zellak, Ross, Howard



Aiden, Stew P, Cameron


Building 40K/ or Flames of War Tutorial with Ross and Stephen


Add below if in:

Views: 40 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 23-Mar-2014 | Comments (1)

AT43 (week 3) roll and decide on attacks

zellak, Ian B, Ian W, Aidan, Jack, Stewart P, Mark

Eldritch Horror

Walter, Ross, Howard + looking for 2 others


Craig MacD, Craig McC, Iain


Aidan, Cameron, Stewart P


Jamie S, William, Stewart W, Chris, Aragorn, + ??

many others to say if in, add below ...

Views: 69 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 16-Mar-2014 | Comments (5)

Saga - looking for 2 more players

Howard, Ross, Walter, ??


Craig McD, Craig McC, Iain, Jamie


William, Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, ?


Aidan, Stew P, CJ, Cameron, ??


Ian W, zellak

Views: 69 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 09-Mar-2014 | Comments (4)

Chain of Command

Gerry, Alan B, Ian B, zellak

40 K

Iain, Craig McD, Craig McC


Jamie Swaffer, Chris, Stew W, William, Robert, Aragorn, & ??


Stew P, Aidan, Cameron, Paul, & ??


Ross, Howard, Roddy, Walter (if over the plague!!)

Add below ..

Views: 55 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 02-Mar-2014 | Comments (1)

Yes would you Adam and Eve it!! It's MARCH!!

40K and Munchkin

Iain, Jamie, Craig McC, Craig McD

Judge Dredd - Jamie Swaffer

William, Aragorn, Chris, Jack, Walter, & ??


Alan B, Ian B, .. Ian W?, zellak (who will be late in)


Ross, Howard

Magic & Munchkin

Stew P, CJ, Cameron, Aiden

You know the drill, add below...

Views: 61 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 23-Feb-2014 | Comments (3)

Pathfinder Aragorn, or other

Jamie, Kevin, William, Chris, Stew W, Jack


Craig McD, Iain, Jamie, Craig McC

AT43 Bolt Action WWIV- possible

Ian W, Ian B, zellak

Or Ronin or Saga or something else

with Howard, Alan B, etc

Paint tutorial: Ross and Craig McC - Eldar


Cameron McD, Stew P, CJ, and others

Add below..

Views: 95 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 16-Feb-2014 | Comments (6)

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