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Various tips, video and tutorials for painting models and scenery for your wargames or RPGs.
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The following is a tutorial for painting a Vespid Stingwing in the colour scheme of the normal blue-grey skin tone and Tau'Va sept colours. Please note I am in no way a professional painter and results of this tutorial are going to be to a very high gaming standard (if I don't say so myself :D). If you wish to achieve the same results as I have then look no further and I'll start with the tutorial.

Painting Guides | Views: 1693 | Author: CRUSAD3R | Added by: CRUSAD3R | Date: 19-Apr-2014 | Comments (1)

Painting guide for 28mm bunker.
Painting Guides | Views: 1159 | Author: RMcN | Added by: RMcN | Date: 13-Mar-2013 | Comments (0)

Some advice on creating a Tau Empire military base!
Painting Guides | Views: 3024 | Author: Walts | Added by: Morgoth | Date: 04-Dec-2012 | Comments (2)

A quick upgrade for my Night Goblins to show they have shields.
Painting Guides | Views: 1990 | Author: Morgoth | Added by: Morgoth | Date: 14-Nov-2012 | Comments (0)

The final part. How to quickly paint small fleshy miniatures. These can be worked on 28mm figures but the difference in contrast between light and dark flesh needs to be more muted.
Painting Guides | Views: 1188 | Author: RMcN | Added by: RMcN | Date: 22-Oct-2012 | Comments (0)

This next part involves guidance on how to paint figures to get an irregular feel to the army but with some co-ordination and how it looked to mix the 15mm Essex with the large 12mm Kallistra.
Painting Guides | Views: 1345 | Author: RMcN | Added by: RMcN | Date: 22-Oct-2012 | Comments (0)

With the Kings of War tournament in Nov 2012 I decided to expand my 15mm Dwarf Army. I had figures picked up from a wargames convention and picked up some Kallistra large 12mm, and a few packs of Essex Dwarves.

The painting techniques are similar to those described in the Napoleonic painting guide. These are referenced and any differences are decribed here.

Painting Guides | Views: 1608 | Author: Ross | Added by: RMcN | Date: 21-Oct-2012 | Comments (0)

How to paint Tomb Kings Skeletons
Painting Guides | Views: 1343 | Author: Frazer | Added by: Jeffrey222 | Date: 14-May-2012 | Comments (0)

Warmachine Cygnar battle group unboxing 
Painting Guides | Views: 1106 | Author: Frazer | Added by: Jeffrey222 | Date: 15-Apr-2012 | Comments (1)

My bosch job at making bigger movement trays!
Painting Guides | Views: 1282 | Author: Walts | Added by: Balrog | Date: 13-Apr-2012 | Comments (2)

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