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Main » 2010 » March » 19 » The renegade aftermath and the Island of Dread Part 1
The renegade aftermath and the Island of Dread Part 1
The Renegade Aftermath & The Island of Dread Part 1
After a few days of nervous looks and posturing Gul asserts himself as Captain and looks to Kalan as first mate. The Drow then set their plans in motion. They are to buy and retro fit the ship suitable for their new lifestyle and take care of some loose ends. They must be more like a team than ever if they are to survive the coming weeks ahead.
They know their time is short – Shandizar will not be slow to seek revenge on the renegades and Lloth is a powerful vicious god. They must get themselves sorted out and leave the valley for some time. They hear of an island far to the Southwest off Imperial Human lands where great wealth and danger abound. It is called the Island of Dread.
The crew set out to Trade Town to seek Raska the merchant. They landed the ship out of sight and hidden 2 miles from the outskirts of Trade Town. To Raska they offer him talks of an independent flying ship to be used for stealth, speed, or protection. Gul contacts Raska to speed up the delivery of the magic potions, and purchase 10 anti-poison vials. The crew also take stock of their needs and put their platinum and gold funds together to purchase what is needed for the ship. They also ask for a shipwright to replace Henkeil the druegar. From Raska they buy; 20 swords. 20 ballista bolts, 100 arrows. 100 crossbow bolts, 10 maces, 5 warhammers, 5 suits of chainmail, 5 suits of plate armour, 5 hand axes, 50 flasks of water, 20 flaggons of wine, 20 flaggons of beer, 1 months iron rations, 10 flasks of lantern oil, 10 bows, 20 chests for the crews personal items, 10 hammocks, 5 tents, 20 blankets, 20 spikes and other essential items for the crew that now make the ship their home. Raska was well pleased with this initial trade as it brought him in around 2000 in gold. He also informs them that he will manage to get the spells by the following week.
The crew make themselves comfortable at the Green Dragon Inn. They meet up with several other adventurers; a renegade female Elf with a wolf, a human cleric, a human warrior (an imperial deserter), a human thief, a catfolk warrior, two Drow and a lizardman. They have been talking to the crew and Gul secretly about the island and are keen to join the quest. Dreggs the cleric decided to head off to get himself a silver mace – while the rest had dealt with the ships business. The crew wait for Dreggs before returning to the ship. They see no sign of him and are eventually ushered out by Bluedo as he closes up. They crew make their way to the armourer to see if Dreggs still in that part of town but the store is closed and there is no sign of him. The crew are only slightly concerned. They shrug it off and return to the ship with the new crew mates to tell the captain the news.
On the second day the crew ask the female Elf and her wolf for help to try and find Dreggs. Berun had used detect magic on the new crewmates and had detected the wolf was magical, and the cleric had a small magical item in his backpack. Berun informed Kalan who use his truth seeing magical eye to find out that the wolf was the Elf’s familiar. They made their way to the Armourer to find that Dreggs had indeed been in and purchased a silver mace then had left the shop without incident. The crew using a personal item of Dreggs’ tried to get the wolf to sniff him out. But it was to no avail there was just too much traffic in the Town to leave a scent for the wolf. The crew then checked with the local watch and infirmary to see if Dreggs had either turned up dead or had been injured. The watchmen said there had been no incidents over the last few months, and there was no sign of Dreggs anywhere. The crew then made there way back to the Green Dragon and talked over some other plans they had been considering. The female Elf and wolf made their way back to the ship.
As Kalan ordered food and drinks he passed a note over to Bluedo. Kalan said "this is for Cero or any other Drow settled outside Trade Town - could you pass it on the next time you see any of them”. In the note he had written in Drow he let them know that they were a band of Drow who had turned against Lloth and that they were to look out and take in other deserters who would be looking for sanctuary. He also wrote an apology to Cero and hope that she had survived and escaped the evils of Shandizar. Kalan also asked that Bluedo look out for the cleric Dreggs to say they would be back in a few days. Bluedo took the note and agreed to look out for Dreggs. The Drow talked over how to cover their tracks and set the Red Orcs against the other Drow clans. After some discussion they came to the idea to set the two forces against each other. First they would seek out Chairman Naskhund to warn him that the Drow of Shandizar would see the Despair Crews rebellion as a direct result of the Red Orcs teaching on equality - as the Drow crew say to him that it was for this reason they turned away from Lloth. Using the destruction of the Dwarf city Copperfield as an example of the Drows ways of seeking vengeance. They would then replace the Despairs nameplate with the Clan Dragons "Spiteful” destroyed by the Lillend. The Despair crew would then seek out several supply wagons sending lightening bolts, fireballs and magic missiles into various outlying Red Orc supply trains. Staying well above the Orcs and out of bowshot. The resulting chaos should disrupt the Drow Red Orc alliance for a time. They returned that night and passed the plan over to Gul. The captain thought it over for a while then agreed they would head out on the next day.
They found Chairman Naskhund settled in the looted and conquered New Orc City. They could see the remains of King Krawn as he hung from his heals in the centre of the main entrance way. The Red Orcs had finally won the White Orcs were defeated and only small bands of them were scattered across the country some had sought refuge with X the Unknown. The Drow of the Despair passed on the warning to the Chairman to the possible Drow attack and then headed out. They then replace the name plate and altered the look of the ship slightly and set about attacking four Red Orc supply wagons killing all but a few – just to make sure the word got back to the Chairman. As the Drow attacked they shouted out in trade tongue "Vengeance”, "Clan Dragon”, or "Clan Kobra” in unison changing the name of the clan or ship to match it. Giving the impression to the orcs of several attacks by different ships.
Once the mission was completed they replaced the Despair’s nameplates and returned the ship to its original look and headed back to Trade Town. The supplies were ready and Raska sent out a wagon that was met by the crew and the ship along with a human carpenter who would act as their apprentice shipwright. They stored the new equipment the ship went off to its hiding place and Kalan, Joruuz, Berun, Gorlab set off into town. When they arrived at the Green Dragon Inn Bluedo called Kalan over he had a message for him. It was from Dreggs "I am well but have my own path to follow. Let us hope our paths cross at a later date.” Kalan immediately thought that Dreggs had heard of the Drow settlements and wanted to get some new converts to the Vhaerun faith. Well good luck to him he thought.
As the crew settled in to wait Raska appeared with his three huge black scaled lizard bodyguards. "Well met my good Drow. I have here the two scrolls you were looking for and the ten vials of anti-poison. They are all paid for so I will be on my way.” Just as quickly as he had arrived he had turned and gone. This was a great relief the Drow who were nervous about staying any longer and were now free to be on their way to the Island. The Drow quickly drank up and made their way back to the ship. Kalan needed to see the human cleric to cast the restoration spell on him and the regeneration spell on Zaen. By that night Kalan finally slept well he was back to full strength and feeling normal for the first time in weeks. The ship heads off towards the Island of Dread. Just before the Despair lifts off the Goblins sneak off – they think this is just too dangerous to stay with these Drow and they disappear into the night.
The Despair heads East out of the valley but detours around the land controlled by the Kenku who also have flying vehicles – they want to avoid any possible confrontations at this point. They cross over the border to the human controlled Imperial lands. The humans have expanded and conquered most of the land mass at this point and only a few pockets of purely magical folk still survive – like the valley the Drow have just left.
As soon as they cross the mountains marking the border the crew see seven Roc riders approaching them in formation. The Roc is a giant bird with a wingspan the same length as the ship. The armoured riders have their lances levelled at the Despair and the close the gap quickly. The Drow keep their calm and wave to the approaching humans. Orf the human deserter fighter quickly disappears below decks. The lead rider breaks formation pulls up his lance and brings the enormous Roc along side the ship. Kalan shouts out in trade tongue a general greeting. The human shouts across "What is your purpose in Imperial territory?” Kalan responds "We are seeking trade and adventure opportunities across to the islands off the Imperial lands.” The rider asks "If you are merchant why do you not bear the appropriate flag? You must pay a duty of 500 Gold to cross into Imperial territory and 100 Gold for myself.” Kalan frowned this was daylight robbery but they could pay this and at least be free to go. Kalan asked "Where would a merchant obtain the correct flag and credentials?” The human rider pointed down towards the city and smiled "Any major city merchant guild would be able to arrange that for you.” Kalan went below and collected the platinum to pay the rider form his own treasure and informed Gul what was going on. Gul responded there was no chance they were landing here - the humans were just as likely to attack and kill them all. As Kalan appeared above deck the rider and Roc still glided effortlessly beside the ship. Kalan shouted across "here is the duty fee paid in full – in platinum. Do you want me to levitate it across?” The rider responded "No problem just throw it across.” Kalan threw it over to him and the rider caught it effortlessly in one hand.
As the Roc riders broke off from the Despair the ship sped on to the coast. There were no further encounters all the way to the coast – and fortunately no further duties to be paid. Most of the land controlled by the humans looked alien to the Drow as each section of land was carefully cut up into fields. There were little or no wild lands. Every square mile had evidence of human habitation from a small croft or barn, or villages, towns of different sizes and the occasional city. The Drow kept away from any of the larger settlements and carefully set down as far from human buildings as possible. The trip took a total of two weeks before the coast was finally seen. For most of the Drow this was the first time to see the ocean but instead of gawking they started to make plans on how to introduce themselves to the natives of the Island of Dread. They landed on a headland joined to the island just in front of the village.
The crew considered making themselves invisible and sending the other human adventurers out to speak to the natives. They then considered that as primitives should their shaman detect this the Drow would fail to make the correct impression. The Drow knew they needed the natives to act as guides over the island. Gul made the decision that 4 Drow would go out armed but not make any threatening gesture or magic unless the natives attacked first. He chose Kalan, Joruuz, Berun, and Gorlab. As they prepared Gul handed over his orc wizards feathered cloak to Kalan. Gul said to Kalan "With your two handed sword you will need this to boost your armour. I’ll be staying to keep the rest under check especially that Birz. This cloak should make you stand out in the eyes of the natives – though I will have it back once I know I can join the rest of you on the quest.” Kalan smiled and thanked Gul and went off to prepare himself.
As the Drow openly approached the village they kept a reasonable distance between each other. The village was a large wooden stockade broken into four sections split by paths leading to a large stone plinth and a large wooden building in the centre. Each of the four sections had a wooden animal totem representing the clan that lived there and was surrounded by pens for animals and different planted sections. On the outer walls of the stockade were the living quarters and grave yards of the clans. These were circular wooden huts protected by a smaller wooden wall – the grave yards in the middle. Behind the village between it and the rest of the island was a huge 50 foot stone wall. All along the wall were sentry towers made of wood and had around 10 warriors in each.
The villagers were quick to spot the Drow – dark skinned like the natives but with shocking white hair and blazing red eyes this caused terror in the eyes of the women and children. In a few moments the women and children ran into their huts while around 30 male warriors picked up spears and animal hide shields and ran towards the Drow. The Drow stopped and waited as the native warriors banged on their shields and moved aggressively towards the Drow. All bar Gorlab show complete indifference to the native display – just waiting for them to calm down. Gorlab panics and pulls out his sword shouting "lets put them to sleep that will show them”, and as the other Drow hiss at him to put it away a warrior runs forward and throws his spear at him. The spear lands short so the warrior runs forward and picks it up he then moves forward to face Gorlab shaking his shield and stabbing the spear in the direction of Gorlab but not making contact. Kalan, Berun and Joruuz shout at Gorlab to put up the sword. Finally he does so and just as quickly the native calms down just turns on his heel and lopes off to the other waiting warriors. They shrug and put up their spears then wave the Drow to enter the village.
Seeing that he Drow do not present any immediate danger the women and children soon appear out of the huts to stare at these strangers. None of the warriors speak any language the Drow understand or even trade tongue. They are lead to the centre of the stockade a large wooden building on a large stone plinth. As they enter the warriors move off to the sides and the Drow are presented to the leader a middle aged woman who must be their queen. The Drow take a quick look at towards each other noticing the irony – they run away from a female dominated society into another on the other side of the world. But here the males were equal the warriors had weapons and stood equal to the females. As the two groups smiled and tried to gesture welcome the queen ushers in servers to bring food and drink. Fortunately another native arrives he introduces himself as Bantu and he speaks trade tongue.
Bantu asks the Drow what brings them to the Island. The Drow say they have heard of the riches and adventure and danger of the island and are keen to explore and trade. Bantu smiles and says "We have plenty of fish, animals and some crops but not any wealth you would be seeking. I am a scout and would be able to guide you on the other side of the great wall. There is also Odooku and his braves who like to scavenge on the other side of the wall. I could take you to him.” Kalan thanked him but said they were more interested in any history Bantu could provide. Bantu informed the Drow that the wall was created by the great ancestors and it keeps the village safe from the many dangers – huge creatures and wandering dead that plague the island. It turns out that this was not always the case. Originally the tribe lived across the island and only had the cannibals to deal with – Bantu was very clear how much the tribe hated them. But then evil gods appeared and they brought death from huge wandering monsters and legions of the tribes own ancestors were turned into zombies. The undead will attack any outsiders but seem to recognise the tribesmen and leave them alone. The tribe had dug pits between the wall and the village and filled them with tar. The source of the tar pits is a two day hike on the other side of the wall. The villagers now stay on the little space of land and fish from the ocean as it is too dangerous to live on the other side of the wall. Since it was approaching nightfall the Drow were invited to stay in a hut each as a special guest and Bantu would take them out the next day. Kalan and the others agreed – Gorlab sent off his little dragon he now called Sue with a message for Gul. The message was to tell Gul of the dangers and inform Bil the human cleric and Orf the deserter to meet them outside the village in the morning with supplies for 7 days. Kalan was already making quite an impression on one of the young female natives and had his hut decided upon – he doubted he would be getting much sleep tonight.
The party correctly provisioned meet up with Bantu, Orf and Bil and make their way to the sentry posts and over the wall to the East. They were met with the sight of lush jungle spreading out for miles in front of them with the villagers well worn path leading straight into the heart of it. Kalan could see breaks in the jungle with a series of low hills a few days walk on the other side of this mass of trees further to the East. The rest of the view was obscured by a white mist that seemed to hang a few feet above the canopy of trees. He estimated that some of the trees were over 80 feet high. The thick vegetation would certainly make any off path travel difficult. There was certainly plenty of wildlife in the jungle. The first day was going without a hitch until Sue informed Gorlab that the path ahead had two large snakes in the trees above them. As Gorlab described the snakes to Bantu he advised that the party make their way around them – as they were very dangerous and deadly poisonous. The crew agree and bypass the danger. At the end of the first day they come across a hut used by the villagers to rest up on this path at the halfway point between the village and the tar pits. The party prepare for the night and set up three watches. On the third watch just before dawn Gorlab and Orf are standing guard they see 6 ghouls rush out from the edge of the jungle. The sentries both shout the alarm to wake up their comrades. Orf is bitten and succumbs to the paralysing bite of the ghoul and collapses in a heap. Gorlab attacks and kills one. Joruuz and Berun jump up and attack the ghouls while Kalan, Bantu and Bil form a defensive line inside the hut. The fighting was vicious but over quickly. The Drow were immune to the ghouls bite and the ghouls had lost the element of surprise. The Drow then drag the Ghoul corpses to the edge of the jungle and return to the hut.
On the next day the party move on to the tar pits where the jungle thins out to open ground around them. There is another series of huts to shelter the villagers when they are here. The area was deserted at the moment. Bantu told them that they village would normally come with 30 braves and 10 to work on collecting the tar – to make sure they were safe. They make camp again but have no encounters this time. The 18 mile stretch of land around the tar pits was good going so the group check the area around it. They soon find that just on the other side there is a series of low hills flanked by broken ground or jungle to the North and South. The party opt for the low hills that spread out to the East. On the third night the group had just set up camp when Bantu calls out a warning. Form the South a party of seven lizardmen attack the camp. Fortunately for the warning the Drow were able to prevent being surprised. Instead the Drow cast sleep on the attackers. Their superior magic, armour and fighting skills quickly turned the battle and the Cleric Bil and Deserter Orf also proved themselves very capable in the skirmish as well. Within moments the Lizardmen lay dead and were unceremoniously searched and then dragged away from the camp. Nothing of any value was found on them.
In the morning they could see a large swamp to the south of the tar pits – the likely source of the lizardmen. They avoided this and headed east instead. There were more hills to the East and jungle to the north. To make up time the group decide to keep heading East over the low hills. On the fourth day of travel as they walk over the hills in the early morning Kalan and the group spot six dire wolves speeding across towards them. The Drow send out sleep spells which only have a limited affect. One spell casting just causing one or two of the wolves to fall asleep. At one point five were down and the last had run back to the nearest trying to nuzzle it awake. Finally the last spell casting complete the last wolf collapsed. The Drow and the humans rush over to the enormous wolves and start scalping the creatures. They now had pelts to trade and some fresh meat for dinner.
The low hills they could see now disappeared into jungle in all directions to the north, east and south. Well fed the group head into the jungle making slow progress hacking and slashing to clear a path that Bantu was following. Within an hour of entering the jungle the heavy persistent rain started and kept on going. It was tiring work and the heat was not eased by the rain it made the heavily armoured Drow feel more sluggish. Kalan had an idea to check the way ahead with the magical eye. He would cast levitate and let Sue raise him above the canopy of the trees to double check their bearings and see if there were any clearings or change of terrain ahead. The heavy sheets of rain made visibility poor but the magical eye did allow some features to be picked out. Unfortunately it just revealed more jungle.
The fifth day was another wet slog through the debris that constantly blocked their path. The rain had kept up all through the night and through the day. The group were now tired and soaked through. Bantu who wore no armour was least affected by the constant down pour. They managed to find some shelter in a natural clearing and set up camp. They suffered some difficulty in setting a fire with all of the damp wood around – Bantu’s skill in this area saved the day. The exhausted party then set watches as they had done each night. Kalan and Bantu take the first watch and the others bed down for the night. After a few hours Bantu and Kalan spot danger a huge Dire Tiger had crept up in the gloom and was about to pounce on Berun. The two sentries shout out the alarm causing the tiger to pause for a second before it lept. Berun’s quick reflexes save him as he gets his head away from the sabre tooth tigers snapping jaws. It still manages to strike him with an enormous paw that almost cuts him in two – if it were not for his armour that is. As the group begin to surround the tiger a few of the early strikes seem to have little effect on this creature as it manages to dodge away from a clean hit. Kalan not wanting to waste time tries out his new lightening bolt spell. He warns the group to make space then casts. The air sizzles and lightening erupts around the tiger striking it dead on. The blast causes the tiger to erupt in flame and sinew. In the after blast there was not much left of the creature. They salvage the sabre teeth and Kalan manages to find a section of hide he thought he could fashion to his helmet or eye patch – or even give to the native girl he left at the village. Joruuz uses a stick to pick up a piece of scorched meat "I thought I asked for mine to be medium rare.”The rest of the night passes uneventfully while Gorlab, Bil and Joruuz cast healing spells to patch up Berun.
On the sixth day Kalan uses his levitate and Sue to lift him up above the canopy again. The rain was still falling in steady sheets and all he could see was yet more jungle for a few miles in the direction they were going. He arrived back with the group to pass on the sad news. Bantu seemed unsurprised and unconcerned. The group pack up and keep heading East into the centre of the island. The animal track Bantu had been following widened into a wider more ancient path only partly overgrown. The group could see two dull metal statues 40 feet ahead of them. The statues were facing each other and seemed to be guarding it. Sensing a possible magical trap they asked Bantu if he knew what they were. He looked worried and informed the Drow that these were cursed and bad. He suggested walking around them and avoiding them. The Drow not wanting to get off an easier path decided on sending Sue while invisible to approach them. As Sue flew carefully towards them nothing happened until she was within 10 feet of the statues. Then they both came to life turned and started to move down towards the waiting party. Sue fled back to Gorlab. As the group were about to ready weapons Kalan stepped forward and said "Ah, metal meanies let’s see how they like fire.” He sent out a fireball straight towards the advancing golems. The fireball seemed much brighter than any before and quickly enveloped the two metal sentries. Surprisingly instead of just some damage both immediately melted into molten puddles of metal. The group smiled at their luck and approached carefully. The rain hitting of the quickly solidifying metal was causing to pop and hiss. Joruuz took a puzzled look at what was left of one of them "Looks like lots of metals by the colour of it - but mostly lead!!?!! I would have though adamantine would have been better. Hmm, rather strange.” As they continue along the wider path there luck changes for the better again – it stops raining.
Towards the middle of the afternoon the party crest a hill and see two cannibals having a heated disagreement about something. They are so involved in the argument they fail to notice the group. Berun seizes the initiative and casts sleep and the two collapse in a heap. Before they can stop him Bantu races forward and kills one of the cannibals where he lies. The rest of the party rush up and persuade Bantu to let him live so that he can lead them to his village. Joruuz says "Why kill a few rats when you can destroy the nest.” The Drow were also hoping to find some treasure in this awful jungle. Bantu spits on the sleeping cannibal "They are scum and they deserve to die.”
The Drow then tie up the cannibal and remove all his weapons, dragging the other corpse off the path. As the cannibal is slapped awake Gorlab casts a spell to allow him to sense the emotions and see images from the captive. Bil the cleric holds a gold coin under the captive nose and Gorlab picks up an image of a treasure chest filled with silver, then an image of what looks like a shaman for which the captive feels fear. The group, with Gorlabs spell still on the captive, push him around and order him to go home. Gorlab picks up that they are heading in the correct direction but the captive is very strong willed and is definitely hiding something. He decides to stop and the Drow talk through the problem. They then plan to release the prisoner but let the invisible Sue to follow him. As soon as they release him the cannibal bolts for the jungle – closely followed by Sue. He backtracks and sets false tracks and regularly stops to check the trail to see if he is being followed. To his senses there is nothing following him so feeling safe he makes for his village. The cannibal village is hidden up in the canopy of the trees themselves. Several huts and walkways built around the trees and at 50 feet up too high to be seen by the naked eye. The cannibal makes the secret call and a vine is dropped down to him. Seeing enough Sue bolts back to her master Gorlab.
The Drow then form a plan they follow Sue to the base of the trees hiding the cannibal village then send Sue up to locate the shaman and get the lay of the village. Gorlab through his link quickly picks up the village is getting primed for attack the warriors are all preparing themselves. Sue quickly finds the shaman in the largest building near the centre of the village. With the description the group move to the base of the tree holding this hut. The Drow from the ground cannot see any visible sign of the village. Kalan with his magical eye just spots part of the main hut. Allowing him to accurately direct his planned fireball. Their plan was simple hit he main hut holding the shaman in hoping to kill him then hit the cannibals with sleep spells as they come down the vines to attack. The 50 foot drop would kill most of them.
The Drow arranged themselves Kalan in the centre the others spread around him. If the first fireball was unsuccessful Kalan was to set of another or lightening bolt to kill off the shaman. The rest of the group were to protect him in case he was needed. Kalan calls up his magic and a fireball blasts into the hut engulfing half of it in flame. The Drow hear the screams of the dying cannibals then the multiple stomps of warriors feet as long vines are dropped and 30 warriors rapidly descend to attack them. Joruuz casts sleep and seven enemies fall from the sky to their deaths. Berun is next to cast and six more fall. Gorlab casts and … just three cannibals come crashing down. Berun and Joruuz give him some stick for this but are soon casting gain as the warriors are now almost to the ground. Kalan keeps his magical eye on the burning hut but there is no sight of the shaman. As the cannibals are just about to touch the ground Joruuz casts sleep and another three closest to him collapse asleep. Berun casts sleep and all of the enemies except the warrior chief fall asleep. Gorlab casts sleep and seven warriors next to him go down. The Drow and humans then rush over to the sleeping enemies to kill them where they lay. The warrior chief makes directly for Kalan. Even without armour he was a formidable foe he was carrying a shield made from a crocodile skull. In his first strike he misses but Kalan manages to strike him. In the next round the cannibal strikes Kalan a significant hit and Kalan misses him. At this point Gorlab and Joruuz realise Kalan is struggling with this fierce warrior and come over to assist casting magic missiles at him. The distraction was not enough for Kalan who still struggles to get through this warriors guard. Berun joined Kalan in attacking the warrior but he too could not land a hit. The magic missiles finally finish off the warrior.
Once the slaughter was over on the ground the Drow quickly search the bodies. Kalan realises the crocodile shield was in fact magical but he did not want it – as he preferred the two handed sword. Joruuz considered taking it his own magical shield offered less protection but it at least could be used to cast fear at an enemy. Berun and Gorlab both had bullette shields that offered the same protection so had no need for it. Joruuz finally decided he did not need it so instead the Drow offered it to the Human deserter Orf. At least until it wasn’t needed by another Drow. The Drow now turned their attention to the village above them. There thoughts now on the silver, slaves and death. Bantu was eager to begin the slaughter. They planned to capture and enslave children of ages 5 to 10 years old the rest to be killed. They climbed up the vines left by the warriors and began with the last of their manna to cast sleep and begin the slaughter in the village itself. By the time they were finished they had 20 children as slaves and a chest of around 3000 pieces of silver. They now had to make their way back to the ship and the village. The slave children roped together and made to carry bags of silver and other provisions taken from the village that now completely burned in the canopy behind them. Bantu looked very pleased with himself - a complete cannibal village destroyed – he was only puzzled why the Drow would bother keeping the children alive.
On the journey back the group had a clear path with no encounters until they were just about to reach the tar pits two days from the village. Bantu shouted alarm and then turned and ran in the opposite direction. As the Drow looked across they could see a large creature similar to the size of a bullette but green and brown in colour and its head had a large armoured frill sporting two long horns to the front and a shorter one on its nose. The creature bellowed and charged quickly closing the distance between it and the startled Drow. They knew with their armour they would never outrun it. Joruuz and Berun and Gorlab moved to the side and prepared their weapons. Kalan prepared a lightening bolt and cast it. The spell struck but the heavily armoured creature but it took the hit and powered on. Just 10 feet away Kalan fired again with another strike the creature was seriously wounded but continued charging. As Kalan was directly in its path the creature charged him but he was able to deflect most of the damage and in return struck a damaging blow – the creature was almost dead. Joruuz moved in and finished it off.
Once the danger was cleared Bantu appeared back and the group started to cut the animal up for food. This was then distributed between the twenty slaves. Bantu seemed to finally appreciate the benefit of keeping them alive. The remaining trip back to the village went without incident and the group arrived back as heroes passing food to the villagers. But they were in for an unpleasant surprise something had happened to the ship and a strange half spider half man had appeared and climbed over the wall onto the island. The Drow rush through the village and take the other items, the silver and the 20 slave children back to the ship.
Their achievements are overshadowed by the news that the ship had been attacked and the ships control crown had been taken. The belief of Gul and the rest of the crew was the followers of Lloth realising they could not get to the renegades easily had called on her to send a champion to attack them. A Drider had been sent who had now left them stranded on the island. The Drow who had been out for the last 10 days appreciated the difficulty in finding a lone Drider on this dangerous island. Another worry that struck Kalan was that they were now sitting ducks – was there a fleet of Drow heading out to destroy them at this very moment?
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