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Main » 2010 » April » 12 » Island of Dread part 2 - the last post
Island of Dread part 2 - the last post

Island of Dread part 2

Just as the weary group arrive back to hear the bad news of the crown being taken they turn to see a group of twenty irate villagers led by a female warrior. The natives of the village Tanaroa are upset to see the nineteen cannibal children tied up and forced to carry the Drows meat and Silver through the village. The warrior Ghanni points at the children and make demands in her language – none of the Drow speak it at all. There were twenty taken from the village but one sickly girl was taken away by the cleric Bill to be healed but he came back without her saying she had died under his care!! The children had had their burdens taken from them and stored in the ship. The adventuring party had taken a 10% share of the silver and had the meat sent to the ship - planning to be smoked for storage. The Drow with Gul quickly discus this strange situation since they could not sell the slaves elsewhere, and to keep any of them would severely upset the locals they plan on handing them over to the chief of Tanaroa. This decision was taken from them as Ghanni grabs the closest child and still angrily shouting at the Drow starts walking off with the children. Gul orders the crew to let them go. Wearily the group watch a potential profit slip from their fingers.

After a couple of days rest the crew find Bantu and get him to take them to the village chief. Time for the Drow to learn something of how this society works and what the villagers believe. As the Drow are likely to be here for a long time now. The Chief tells them that they are a Lawful society that forbids slavery, violence, stealing or poison. The cannibals are seen as inhuman because they are known to use poison and eat human flesh. The children are contaminated as they have eaten of human flesh they will not be killed but banished to a remote island, roughly translated as the "Island of the Lost Souls.” This is where all lawbreakers are sent. She then informs them of the local witch doctor who worships "Papa Death.” These witch doctors are responsible for creating the zombies that offer protection as they patrol the edges of the jungle. This keeps away most of the large animals, were-creatures, and rogue Undead raised by renegade cultists. The members of this cult practice in secret. Their lead shaman is a woman called Isi who lives on her own not far from the village. In a few other villages (there are seven on the peninsular) the sky god Oloran is worshipped. Gul negotiates with the chief to get the locals to move the ship nearer to Odoku’s camp and get a stockade built around it. The chief and Gul come to an arrangement and 500 gold is paid to complete the task. It also turns out that platinum and gems hold no value to the Tanaroans. Gul has picked this spot as he has been spending quite a bit of time with Odoku and his men as the Drow were out investigating the Island.

The crew decide to spend a week resting and recovering to allow the ship to be moved and the stockade to be built around it. Gul spends it with Odoku while the rest split up Berun and Kalan go out with Bantu to pick up on Jungle lore to look for animal tracks and signs trying to track the Drider, Joruuz and Gorlab put some time in to try and pick up some of the basic Tanaroan language. Kalan and Berun find out from Bantu that he picked up the ability to speak Trade talk after being taken by pirates as a child to work on their ship. In their tracking they follow the Drider tracks to ensure they can recognise them. They notice just beyond the wall a group of four large crocodiles have taken up residence on the path to the jungle. The group can see the Drider tracks follow the same path so they return to the safety of the wall and the village. At the end of the week the group meet back up and decide to set off again to explore the Island. The party consists of Gul, Kalan, Joruuz, Berun, Gorlab & Sue, Bantu and Gul’s two henchmen Dur and Tsab.
As they make their way from the wall they notice the four large crocodiles. One on land in front of them other three in the water. One of the nearest in the water charges through the brush and attacks the group. The closest fight in hand to hand while others hit it with magic missiles. Once killed the group turn their missile weapons on the next two closest crocs – both in the water. As they meet in melee the group quickly dispatch them just as the largest croc, on land, closes the final distance.  More magic missiles and arrows are fired at it until the melee begins. Joruuz takes a significant hit and is badly wounded. Gul manages to break his sword during the fight and now uses his hand axe. The rest of the party hit it with all they have and finally they kill off the largest crocodile. The group then take a few hours to remove croc teeth (for possible trade items) and skin them – recognise the tough leathery hide could be used for armour. After a lunch of crocodile meat the group decide to try and push on to the hut they know is further along the path. Gorlab and Kalan cast healing on Joruuz to take him back up to being fighting fit.
They do not go far before reaching the jungle proper. Then to their surprise they hear "Attack” being shouted in Drow. Sue the little dragon spots the Drider just at the clearings edge and relays this to Gorlab. Just as the party prepare they see two of the huge behemoths Bantu calls triceratops. These creatures are under the charm of the Drider. Gul casts a lightening bolt but just as it strikes the Drider disappears – it was just an illusion. As the group try to decide how they are going to take on these massive monsters Bantu, Tsab, and Dur turn and run in the opposite direction. The Drow with their plate armour cannot get away from them fast enough so must stand and fight. Gorlab tells Sue to stay invisible and seek out the Drider. The rest with most of their magic spent prepare for battle. They need to deal with these magic resistant monsters and try and kill the Drider. Just as they feel the tremble of the heavy triceratops feet charging toward them four rust monsters appear from the brush as another surprised attack. They catch Tsab, Dur and Gorlab and each lose their armour as it corrodes immediately into piles of dust.
The Drow caught off guard and now weakened in armour and magic decide to take on the rust monsters. Kalan uses some remaining magic to strike one of the triceratops with a lightening bolt – it’s going to take him at least 2 days to recover his manna. He knew from the past that this would not kill it outright but hoped the blast would weaken it. Unfortunately the bolt was much weaker than it had been before. Joruuz casts haste on the group to make them twice as fast. Kalan blasts two of the creatures with a fireball. As the party kill off the rust monsters – Gul still using a hand axe. Sue finds the Drider hiding 80 feet away behing a low hill. The Drider detects her and casts sleep – she manages to avoid the spell and flies back towards her master Gorlab. The Drow are desperate now will Lloth have her revenge after all?!!
After some time the Drow mange to kill off three rust monsters leaving Berun and Gorlab to take on the last one. Kalan sets out to take on one triceratops or lightening bolt the Drider, while Gul and Sue take on the other. Joruuz moves into position and fires poisoned viper bolts at the one heading for Kalan (who had moved forward in an attempt to cast one last lightening bolt at the Drider). Kalan sees the Drider has called up a ward spell. Then the triceratops smashes into him and severely wounds him. Kalan has no choice but to parry and get away from the triceratops. As he moves away he is hit by a magic missile from the Drider– fortunately his ring protects him. Just as he is recovering and considering whether or not to use a healing spell on himself the Drider casts silver bullet. Already badly wounded the spell smashes through him and he falls to the ground.
Joruuz is finally successful in killing both triceratops with viper bolts – he has used 6 of the precious bolts to kill off these creatures. The final rust monster is killed. The Drider with most of its magic spent casts invisibility on itself and is quickly gone. As the group take in the damage done to them as Gul goes over to check on Kalan. Gul finds Kalan is dead from his wounds. Gorlab and Berun quickly make a stretcher for Kalan’s body and the group make quick retreat and prepare to head back to the wall and the relative safety of Tanaroa. Bantu speaks to Gul he refuses to scout for the group as he has never encountered such dangers before. Once back at the ship and the almost completed stockade Kalan’s body is stripped his magic items distributed among the other four Drow. Joruuz now has a mithril shirt, Gorlab the magic eye, and Berun tests out the magic sword Giant Slayer. As Kalan failed to stay alive his body is left for the worms and the scavengers – that is, as always, just the way of the Drow.
Here ends the story of Kalan Kobra.
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A bit of retro-roleplaying is in order.

We cant let Kalan go without a word !

check out the ukrp forum.

its sad when a campaign loses such an integral character to the plot lines in the story...unfortunately, its part of the game, people die.

When four rolls are missed at 10+ on a D20...its fate. cry

1 Big-G  
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oh dear

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