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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » Background story of Kalan Kobra
Background story of Kalan Kobra

Background story of Kalan Kobra

Kalan started as an outsider living in a small Drow settlement near to the Dwarf Kingdoms. He returned to the Drow City Shanizar in order to claim riches and rewards for himself. With new found power and fame he hoped would satisfy his continuous lust – difficult to do in such a small community without creating dangerous enemies.


For a Drow he is marked as an outsider due to being a head taller than most Drow and broader in shoulder. His additional strength makes him a deadly opponent and good in a fight. He fights with a sword and shield, and a length of fighting chain. But in a city where nobility of birth sets you on a higher level than the rest he quickly realises friends in high places matter more on his path to glory.  He is intelligent and uses this to blend in with the Drow City Shanizar dwellers, and quickly sets out for the various Houses of ill repute. His hunger satisfied he decides to see to his other need - a good access to wealth. He did feel at home in Shanizar.


He attracts the attention of the thieves’ guild, which he joins, then makes his way to the House of clan Kobra.  He is hired on as a Riever – a pirate - on the 3rd ship of the line named the Despair a flying airship. The first ship is the Vengeance, the second is the Malice. At this time he meets up with other new recruits Gul (a noble), Birz (another outsider like Kalan) and others. He is quickly made aware of the hierarchy in the crew and as an outsider is placed as nearly the lowest of the low. This upsets his pride a little, but on the plus side female captain Bâleed was strong and good looking so his challenge was set – could he woo the captain?


As a Riever and a magic wielder Kalan is sent to a mentor for all things magical the ancient Drow Phynx. He would be responsible for making sure Kalan and the rest keep up their mental and magical aptitude while others work on their brawn and fighting skills.


On the first outing they were all made to test their ability to fly the ship – using their intelligence to control and direct the air elemental keeping it afloat. Then they were to take a turn at using the bolt thrower fitted on the front of the ship.  Kalan proved himself quite capable in both and was given a watch on the bolt thrower, but Gul had better luck and was set as the gunner (replacing the original crew member – now enemy number one to Gul).  The crew of the Despair were quickly beset by flying enemies – giant eagles, bats, manticore, wyvern, nightmares. A very dangerous time for the new adventurers - if only they had the skill and the time to learn Feather Fall as well as Cure Light Wounds and Magic Missile!!


On one of these first outings the crew shot and killed a Harpy and dragged it aboard.  While setting into the hold Gul attempted to take a few valuable feathers for himself as Drow are inclined to do - but was caught red handed by the captain. Gul was immediately demoted (with a few bruises) and Kalan, as the second best shot of the crew, was immediately promoted to gunner – a position he held for over a year through most of the quests until only very recently.


They have had several adventurers the initial one almost caused Kalan to lose his head to a stinking club wielding zombie. But somehow they managed through. Kalan quickly realised that Gul (the young noble) could be relied upon in a fight as they had both fought side by side saving each other time after time.  Birz was also handy in a fight but had a habit of disappearing whenever a treasure chest could be seen. There is no real loyalty amongst thieves – even less among the Drow but the Rievers had a tough kind of understanding “take what they could get a way with – but keep an eye out for your crew mates - dead Drow are only good for worm food”.

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