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AT-43 [60]
Humanity is at war with the technologically advanced Therians, a presumably robotic species bent on subjugating and transforming all planets for their ultimate purpose: the crafting of a "better", more organized universe under their rule, which they refer to as their "therian heaven".
Gibsonville - Magic & Mayhem [20]
Do you feel different to those around you but can't quite figure out how or why? Do you find strange things happening around you? Do unfamiliar and perturbing feelings come over you? Do you want help to come to terms with these new experiences?
Warhammer Fantasy [0]
Warhammer world is rich with history and legend, aeons of bloodshed and conflict have shaped both its surface and its denizens into a world of relentless battle.
Blood Bowl [3]
28mm Blood bowl, Games workshop board game
WW II - Rules of Engagement [2]
RoE Section
Dungeons and Dragons [29]
Dungeons and dragons Drow Campaign
Strontium Dog RPG [1]
Search/Destroy Agents hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission to control, living in the "Doghouse", a deep spaceport high above New Britain.
Hoard of the Things [2]
15mm Hoard of the Things
DnD Kalan's Story [24]
The Story of Kalan, a Drow with an unquenchable lust for gold, power and women.
AD&D: The Adventures of Alaric Ironclaw [2]
The brave adventures of a warrior hellbent on destroying all the vile creatures in Haven!
Avalon Hill B-17 Queen of the Skies [1]
B-17 Bomber campaign
Praxis [4]
"A voyage of discovery in Ancient Greece. A band of heroes set out to discover their world!"
Myth - Age of Heroes! [2]
Myth is a cooperative tabletop game for 2 to 5 players. Each player takes on the role of a hero and must work together to overcome The Darkness. Using a deck of cards unique to each hero, players explore the realm, battle evil monsters, and overcome dangerous traps in order to complete quests and acquire powerful new items and abilities.

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Report from Colonel Holdemov, Company Commander, Odin/Manon
During our advance on the Underground Base we were intercepted by a UNA company and forced to withdraw. We were outgunned and, despite the kommando unit’s valiant attempt to eliminate the enemy’s Fire Crawler, in danger of being overwhelmed. All our armour was destroyed and I ordered a retreat so our infantry would not meet a similar fate. I strongly urge the deployment of Dotch Yaga units in the Elysee theatre. If this is not done I fear collectivist presence on this planet may become history. We got away with it this time but intelligence reports indicate that the other three belligerents all have heavy striders or tanks deployed. We must fight like with like or we will be beaten. I say this in the sure and certain knowledge I will be recalled and censured but someone has to speak out. I send this message to the defenders of the Restored Fortress; dig in deep, comrades and keep the fire of revolutionary spirit in your hearts.
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1035 | Added by: Che | Date: 17-Jul-2012 | Comments (0)

Red Blok News
Brought to you by The Agitation and Propaganda Sub-Collective
Your ideologically sound newsreader is Ivonta Legova
Good morning comrades and welcome to another beautiful day in collectivist paradise. On today’s programme –
· Gencol engineers a dog that takes itself for a walk, throws and fetches its own balls and cleans its own poop.
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1051 | Added by: Che | Date: 04-Jul-2012 | Comments (0)

Welcome to the Meat Grinder: The Battle for the Restored Fortress
From ‘A History of the Frostbite Campaigns’
By Professor Vladimir Kutezedov, University of Hades
It is an easily told story. The Red Blok sped in, occupied the bunker and remained in possession until the end of the battle. The actual fight was a good deal harder. A unit of RPG Soldaty were the first inside the bunker and they soon came under attack. They were supported by a unit of Sierp mortar striders, the Soundouk which had carried them in and a Hetman strider. The transport was the first to go down but it had done its job and it took out a few morphos as it was blown to pieces. The Red Blok forces continued their advance, with units of Krasnye following their RPG comrades and keeping the ever increasing number of Therians at bay. ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 940 | Added by: Che | Date: 19-Jun-2012 | Comments (0)

A Letter Home
Dear Comrade Maternal Parent,
I am writing this letter in gravy because the mess sergeant has spilt the ink on my dinner. It is not bad here on Elysee but it is a bit cold. Well, to say it’s a bit cold is like saying that life in Red Blok is a bit repressive but I’m not allowed to say that. At least I’m here with my comrades fighting bravely for the Revolution and winning great victories. Life consists of long periods of boredom and then a flash of intense excitement when we go into battle. I don’t like going into battle and I prefer the long periods of boredom even if it is boring for a long period. I hope I’m not boring you or making you jealous with my stories of the exciting things we do on this frozen ice cube. At least we have TV and Red Blok TV at that.
I love TV and as we all know Red Blok TV is best ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1032 | Added by: Che | Date: 31-May-2012 | Comments (1)

Two Dragonovs walk into a bar….
The two newly recruited Dragonovs swaggered into the bar as if they owned the place. They were the defenders of collectivism, the heart of the revolution. They looked around at the admiring faces of the others in the bar. Someone offered to buy them a drink; another gave up his seat to them. Of course, the ladies were falling over themselves to attract their joint attention. Then they noticed the old man in the corner.
 He wasn’t impressed at all; in fact he didn’t even acknowledge their presence. "Hey, Uncle!” one of the soldiers shouted. "Hey, look at me.” The old man raised his head slowly. He looked the two up and down and shook his head,
"The arrogance of yo ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1173 | Added by: Che | Date: 29-May-2012 | Comments (2)

A Phoney War
from: A History of The Frostbite Campaigns
by Professor Vladimir Kutezedov
University of Hades
The Red Fields/Black Fortresses campaign was over before it started. The reason why has been a matter of dispute amongst historians for many years. Backroom deals and the collapse of shaky alliances are two answers. The UNA and ONI, as is usual with capitalists, fell out over money and ONI withdrew to pursue more lucrative conflicts. They did, however, maintain a presence on Elysee. The Cogs also became disillusioned. Despite the fact that their long-time enemies, the Therians, we ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1036 | Added by: Che | Date: 07-May-2012 | Comments (0)

                             Meanwhile, in a Red Blok tracking station somewhere on Elysee:

Technician 1st Class Vasilly Switchov was bored, very bored. He stared vacantly at the screen before him willing something to happen. His earphones were silent and his ears were burning after eight hours of
wearing them. All he had heard was routine traffic and the usual background hiss. At least his shift would finish soon and he could watch TV. After all, Red Blok TV was the best in the known universe. He hated these quiet times. Mind you, he wasn't too keen on the alternative either. He was just preparing to hand over to one of his colleagues when something caught his attention
"Dimitri," he called out to one of his co ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 939 | Added by: Che | Date: 09-Mar-2012 | Comments (1)

Our fellow Therians have claimed victory over our adversaries and sent them running from the Emerald Mountains with their tails between their legs. Now my brethren it falls to us to remove our foes from the rest of this ice covered wasteland and claim it once more.

Even now, as I send this message out across the EMI grid to you, our enemies are readying their forces for war on new battlefronts. They wish to wage war on the Red Fields and are arrogant enough to try and attack our home on this planet, The Black Fortress.

They believe that till now they have been waging a war against our forces, believing that they can defy our will and deny us this planet, well my brothers they are sadly mistaken. The Red Fields shall turn crimson with their blood, The Black Fortress shall become their tomb and this planet SHALL BE OURS!

For Therra and For The Therian Empire!!!!

Category: AT-43 | Views: 944 | Added by: Zealyot | Date: 29-Feb-2012 | Comments (1)

Extract from ‘The Memoirs of General Takmihatov, Hero of the Revolution’

AT-89 Emerald Mounts Campaign

Once again the revolution had been betrayed and despite all efforts to find
them the culprits remained at large. Our leadership, for I was but a humble
lieutenant at that time, was in disarray and the campaign stuttered to a
halt with nothing but a brief high point when the starport fell to our
glorious revolutionary army. Elsewhere, the other combatants seemed to lose
interest and only the Therian/ONI Axis retained any fighting spirit. They
emerged victorious but their fragile alliance soon fell apart as yet
another battle ground was chosen.

The 2nd Red Fields Campaign was about to start and the conflict would soon
spread to The Black Fortresses. More forces would be thrown at the ice
planet by the five warring parties but alliances would shift as they each
sought the advantage. The Red Blok remained as the beacon of a collectivist
future and the Therians fought alon ... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 976 | Added by: Che | Date: 22-Feb-2012 | Comments (1)

The Aftermath
The scene: Red Blok HQ on Elysee two weeks after the Mount Elysee disaster.
Commissar Ivan Ionu paced the small interrogation room. Two guards stood at the door watching nervously. A single light bulb lit the scene. In the centre of the room a barely recognisable figure was slumped forward on an old chair. Only the straps restraining it were keeping it from collapsing on the hard, concrete floor. The commissar nodded his head and one of the guards stepped forward and threw a bucket of cold water over the seated victim. Slowly and with much effort the figure stirred.
"I ask you again, colonel, how could it happen?” Ionu barked. "Not only did you fail, you didn’t even try. You are a disgrace to the revolution. There is more to this. You deliberately gave up that container ship to the damn monkeys. Why?”
... Read more »
Category: AT-43 | Views: 1083 | Added by: Che | Date: 05-Nov-2011 | Comments (2)


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