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AT-43 [60]
Humanity is at war with the technologically advanced Therians, a presumably robotic species bent on subjugating and transforming all planets for their ultimate purpose: the crafting of a "better", more organized universe under their rule, which they refer to as their "therian heaven".
Gibsonville - Magic & Mayhem [20]
Do you feel different to those around you but can't quite figure out how or why? Do you find strange things happening around you? Do unfamiliar and perturbing feelings come over you? Do you want help to come to terms with these new experiences?
Warhammer Fantasy [0]
Warhammer world is rich with history and legend, aeons of bloodshed and conflict have shaped both its surface and its denizens into a world of relentless battle.
Blood Bowl [3]
28mm Blood bowl, Games workshop board game
WW II - Rules of Engagement [2]
RoE Section
Dungeons and Dragons [29]
Dungeons and dragons Drow Campaign
Strontium Dog RPG [1]
Search/Destroy Agents hunt the criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission to control, living in the "Doghouse", a deep spaceport high above New Britain.
Hoard of the Things [2]
15mm Hoard of the Things
DnD Kalan's Story [24]
The Story of Kalan, a Drow with an unquenchable lust for gold, power and women.
AD&D: The Adventures of Alaric Ironclaw [2]
The brave adventures of a warrior hellbent on destroying all the vile creatures in Haven!
Avalon Hill B-17 Queen of the Skies [1]
B-17 Bomber campaign
Praxis [4]
"A voyage of discovery in Ancient Greece. A band of heroes set out to discover their world!"
Myth - Age of Heroes! [2]
Myth is a cooperative tabletop game for 2 to 5 players. Each player takes on the role of a hero and must work together to overcome The Darkness. Using a deck of cards unique to each hero, players explore the realm, battle evil monsters, and overcome dangerous traps in order to complete quests and acquire powerful new items and abilities.

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The Ransom of Princess Teh – A giant in the clouds

The Despair left Shandizar and headed towards the White Orc land. As they flew one of the crew noticed a stationary cloud above them. Vixia shouted to the crew to get ready and made for the cloud. As the ship came above the cloud the crew saw a large keep sitting on it. The keep was owned by a giant and looked like the centre of it was covered by a roof. There was only one entrance to the keep - two large doors with a bank of flattened cloud in front of it. Vixia picked her scavengers to tackle this problem Gul, Kalan, Zaen, Joruus, Nsaar, and Balrog.  Birz was to stay on board for this one.


As the crew left the ship Kalan and the rest looked nervously at the cloud under their feet. The ship had bumped into something but they were all expecting to step down and disappear through the cloud. Instead the cloud lay thick around them and came up to their knees, their feet were on something solid. They carefully made their way towards the doors ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1184 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The Ransom of Princess Teh – How much?

The next day the Drow planned on finding a White Orc outpost and ambushing a patrol. Then they would send back word to the White Orc King Csar Krawn. They quickly completed this part of the mission and set the ransom 20,000 gold pieces and they were to meet two mile south west of the fort on open moorland within a day – only the cart driver to be seen. A herald was quickly dispatched from the White Orcs to say the ransom would be paid but that three days would be required to collect that sum of gold. The Drow agreed and set off for some plunder and raiding.


On the required day the Despair arrived a few hours early to see a cart laden with three boxes and pulled by ox ... Read more »

Category: DnD Kalan's Story | Views: 1187 | Added by: RMcN | Date: 31-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

Colonel Mike Dookin here,
CO of the 223rd Bomber Squadron, 503rd Bomber Group (Heavy) , part of the "Mighty 8th" Air Force.
Just landed at Polebrook Airfield, Northampton, England and we're looking for new recruits.

We're tasked with flying our B17 Bombers on missions into enemy occupied Europe. Do you have what it takes to complete 25 missions and win a ticket back home?

If you're interested in taking part in our campaign and think you can outdo " The Memphis Belle" then sign up at the recruitment office in the Forum.

Category: Avalon Hill B-17 Queen of the Skies | Views: 1317 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 25-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The North Ayrshire Wargames Club SuperCup (2009)
Quarter Finals
Kieran     3 - 2    Liam
Derek      3 - 1    Rory
Martin       0 - 1    Jamie
Jason       4 - 0    Ross
Category: Blood Bowl | Views: 1364 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 25-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The North Ayrshire Wargames Club SuperCup (2009)
Semi Finals
Kieran    0 - 3    Derek
Jamie     2 - 6    Jason
Category: Blood Bowl | Views: 1443 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 25-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The North Ayrshire Wargames Club SuperCup (2009)
Derek V Jason ... Jason is crowned BB Champ 2009!
Category: Blood Bowl | Views: 1393 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 25-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

A Fabulous day of warmongering!
Tie breaks were calculated by our referee Tom on the basis of Generals killed, then outright wins.
First            Hugh's Fishmen                 35pts
Second       Gordon's Sci fi Reptiles       35pts
Third          Gerry's Egyptians               31pts
Fourth         Howard's Undead               26pts
Fifth            Ian's Sci fi Victorians          19pts
Sixth          Rory's Humans                   19pts 
Category: Hoard of the Things | Views: 1323 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 25-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

With a lurch , the cloud castle started once again to skim across the sky. A roar of rage echoed down the hall as the Giant came across the bodies of his slaughtered hounds. The intuders could see his pain and anguish as he filled the doorway, there was no escape.

"Two ranks , Vipers ready " screamed Gul, the Drow fell into place and trained their pistols.

The Giant came on through the volley of darts and clashed into their ranks scattering the Drow, as some drew swords and others continued to fire pistols at point blank. One Drow , a recruit, drew forth his battleaxe to face the fury of the berserk defender but lasted only a heartbeat as he was crushed against the wall by a mighty blow from the Giants club.

Kalan then drew Giant-Killer his two handed magic sword and smote the Giant a biting blow. The giant screamed with shock and pain turning on him in single minded fury. Kalan was struck with some force but skillfully rolled with the power of the blow. Returning another upper cut as he emerged from the roll, and felled the Giant.

The looters then ransacked the castle and taking the slaves ,their fallen shipmate,a small library, and great deal of Silver they returned to the waiting Airship. After a short debate between Captain Vixia and the Professor, she returned with him and the slaves to the castle and emerged later with two large chests. Which she declared was the Captains Share.

The crew returned to Shanizar to cremate the crewmate who fell against t ... Read more »

Category: Dungeons and Dragons | Views: 1301 | Added by: zellak | Date: 20-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

The Princess Ransom

A Fog lay over the city of Shanizar the Wicked as two new recruits to House Kobra took their Oath of Allegiance.

They were escorted to the roof to begin c ... Read more »

Category: Dungeons and Dragons | Views: 1282 | Added by: zellak | Date: 19-Oct-2009 | Comments (0)

15mm Hoard of Things Competition (Date TBC either 25th Oct or 5th Nov)
Points based one day competition.
Documents available in the Downloads section.
   ... Army List ... Hoard of Things - Army List
Results will be posted here.
Please email ross nawgc@yahoo.co.uk and make a comment below to confirm your entry.
if you want info on the game look here you uninitiated cretin!
Category: Hoard of the Things | Views: 1396 | Added by: Big-G | Date: 10-Oct-2009 | Comments (2)


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