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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » The Ransom of Princess Teh – How much?
The Ransom of Princess Teh – How much?

The Ransom of Princess Teh – How much?

The next day the Drow planned on finding a White Orc outpost and ambushing a patrol. Then they would send back word to the White Orc King Csar Krawn. They quickly completed this part of the mission and set the ransom 20,000 gold pieces and they were to meet two mile south west of the fort on open moorland within a day – only the cart driver to be seen. A herald was quickly dispatched from the White Orcs to say the ransom would be paid but that three days would be required to collect that sum of gold. The Drow agreed and set off for some plunder and raiding.


On the required day the Despair arrived a few hours early to see a cart laden with three boxes and pulled by oxen. An orc mage sat at the front of the cart. The Despair circled round but nothing could be seen for miles in any direction. Kalan considered the possibility of a trap – and even wanted to consider levitating the treasure up then dropping the Princess with a feather fall from the ship. Then something inside him wanted to go down – he wanted it to be a trap and most of all he wanted to kill some orcs.


The Despair dropped down briefly to deposit Gul, Kalan, Zaen, Joruus, Nsaar, a hurried replacement Gorlab and the Princess Teh. Zaen held the Princess and Kalan stood close to them. Joruus headed towards the mage, while Gorlab in his enthusiasm ran towards the rear of the cart. The mage spoke to Joruus and was starting to suggest how to trade off the gold for the Princess. Kalan thought the orc mage was too relaxed - something smells funny here. Gul and Nsaar moved to the other flank but kept between the orc mage and the Princess. Just then Gorlab stopped showering his head in gold pieces long enough to shout “there’s something behind me!” Kalan cast detect invisible and sure enough not 10 yards from him and the Princess were 10 orc Royal Guard. Just behind Gorlab was another unit of 10 heavily armoured soldiers.


Just as the orcs charged and became visible Kalan jumped back towards Zaen and the Princess and cast invisible aura – that made the three disappear in front of the surprised orcs. Gul cast sleep on the nearest group halving their number as Nsaar tore into the front rank. Gul then cast sleep on the second unit that had been chasing down Gorlab and then joined in the fight as Gorlab then turned to melee the remaining Orcs.


Joruus went for the mage who grabbed his amulet and made a demon appear, the orc mage then twisted the front of it causing the demon to fall to its knees in pain. Joruus did not hesitate but attacked the orc mage and after a brief struggle killed him. The demon stood and ordered Joruus “hand me the amulet and I will not kill you”. Joruus smiled and took the amulet from the dead orc and placed it around his own neck. He then twisted it and saw the demon fall to his knees again. The demon then started mumbling about the pact made with the wearer of the amulet and that it had so many uses when he was called before the demon would claim it back. Joruus frowned about this. Demons always told half truths and down right lies – he could make out ancient writing on the amulet so would have to check it out. He decided until he knew more he would let the demon be. The demon looking frustrated turned and left Joruus.


As 5 orcs carefully scanned for the princess and the two Drow who had been backing off from them. Zaen was then attacked by the princess who sought her freedom. Kalan could feel his spell unravel and then as Zaen attacked back hitting the princess in the head. Hoping to stun her, both he and the princess became visible. As the orcs rushed forward Kalan became visible cast sleep and attacked the remaining orcs. Zaen was having difficulty in subduing the princess so struck her hard across the temple. She collapsed but unfortunately died of the blow. Kalan and the rest dispatched the remaining orcs and then went to collect the ransom, and the oxen – well waste not want not. The crew decided to take the body of the princess back to the ship – well they could sell it to the Red orcs and make more profit. All in all a good day for the Despair and clan Kobra.

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