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AT-43 Resources
29-Jun-2011, 22:34:45
Notice to all Factions!

Here's a download/resource area for links, PDFs, images or whatever you can find around the globe to help with the excellent AT-43 boardgame!
 >>> AT-43 Library - All the resources you could ever need!
 >>> AT-43 - BoardgameGeek (Focal point for EVERYTHING!)
As always, add ur comments below comrades!
Please Note: All resources will be moved here to keep the AT-43 files under one topic!
Category: Downloads | Added by: Balrog | Tags: At43, AT-43
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Total comments: 8
8 Balrog  
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Hi Guys ... The FAQ, Errata & Q&A document(s) have been updated (or tidied up to be honest!) and can be downloaded from here ...

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/at43/pdf/AT43QA2012.pdf

... Have a nosey! Go on, u know u want too! ... Walts

7 Balrog  
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Hi Guys ... Here's the Damocles Campaign Book link ... Click Here To Download

4 Balrog  
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Here's a link to Lieutenant Francesca Fortuna, a merc hero ... Lieutenant Francesca Fortuna

3 Balrog  
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Hi Guys ... Some Rackham FAQ's from their official forums when they where about ....

>>> FAQ I ... UPDATED: see newer post!

>>> FAQ II ... UPDATED: see newer post!

... Have a read, there's lots of answers to ur questions! ... Walts

2 Balrog  
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Hi Guys ... Here's the link to the inHouse game tweaks we've made ...

>>> AT-43: In-House Rules Changes

Anything your not happy with, let me know and I'll ask about for a solution! ... Walts

5 zellak  
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i thought we settled the tarmac spaceport thing...no artillery firing on the control tower......ever !

And could you please add the "LOS needed to capture/control objectives" house rule...Thanks. happy

6 Balrog  
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Soz Z ... I'm too busy with freelance work at the moment to update the inHouse rules just now. I'll do them Fri/Sat with all the updates we discussed and agreed on and what's left to discuss and be voted on.

I'll start to date stamp the document to help us all keep track of the editions as well, then you'll know I've done the updates ... Walts

1 Balrog  
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Moved link - Operation Frostbite: Rules & Campaign Info (7Mb Filesize!)

Moved link - Operation Frostbite Battle Maps: Gaming Aid

Moved link - ONi Army Book: PDF Army List

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