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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » Well of Life – Hero to Cero?
Well of Life – Hero to Cero?

Well of Life – Hero to Cero?

 In amongst the return of the “Well of Life” Kalan and the crew had to go to Tradetown in order to get the earth elemental spell.  On their visit they were under strict instructions bring no attention to themselves and keep out of trouble. The crew made their way to the meeting point the Green Dragon Inn - looked after by Bluedo the barman. Bluedo was quite taken with these Drow who had charmed him on the first visit. Previously Kalan had attracted the attention of the cat woman barmaid Tabatha but had surprisingly snubbed her advances. This time his attention was fixed on the only other patron in the Inn a small Drow female at the bar.


While the captain and the rest of the crew got in their drinks Kalan made his way across to try out his charm. She was immediately very ill at ease with Kalan’s advances. Instead of threatening to kill him out right for his “how are you doing” chat up line she stuttered and shyly tried to run away. Kalan responded to this weirdness from a Drow female by grabbing her by the arm, and before she could shout out punched her in the face and knocked her out.  He dragged the Drow female to the captain explaining the weird behaviour and she was unceremoniously bound and gagged and pushed under the table. The captain rolling her eyes back – what is this great lummox thinking had he forgotten they were to keep a low profile. 


Soon after the bar was filled by loud Kenku (crow men) who made it clear the presence of the Drow was not to their liking. One squawked “Oh the stench, who’s brought Drow in on their feet” the others cackling and pointing at the group of Drow. The Captain Bâleed looked furiously towards the Kenku but like the rest of the crew was prevented from doing anything. At this point the barman Bluedo arrived at the Kenku table and restored order. Fortunately the Goblin selling the elemental spell appeared a few minutes later. Bâleed checked it over paid the gold and the deal was completed. The Drow soon left the Inn. Bâleed looked back at the Kenku, murder in her eyes, the crow men will pay for their insolence. The Kenku unaware of their plight squawked “thank heavens that awful smell has gone”.


The following trip back to the Drow City Shanizar was a pleasure for Kalan he had his own Drow female Cero to do with as he wished. Kalan discovered that Cero was a follower of Eilistraee as such she would be immediately put to death. Typically as a snack to one of the giant Lloth spiders that freely roam the city. His lust overcame his good sense and as soon as they landed he spirited Cero off the ship and into the ghetto.


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