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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » Well of Life – Captain Bâleed’s revenge
Well of Life – Captain Bâleed’s revenge

Well of Life – Captain Bâleed’s revenge

As the aftermath of the cleansing subsided Captain Bâleed was keen to get underway. Her first point of call was Tradetown and the Green Dragon. The Captain kept quiet as to the reason they were at the Inn and told the crew to get food and drinks but be alert. Kalan looked around as he entered Tradetown, could Cero have made it back by now? – he doubted it, the journey would take months. He hoped she had made it out of the City alive. He also hoped she had more sense to stay away from the Green Dragon. The crew waited for most of the day until nearing dusk when ten or so squawking chattering Kenku burst into the Inn. Bâleed watched them enter through narrowed eyes and waited for them get far enough into the room. Just as they turned to sneer at the Drow she yelled “Despair crew show these craven crows the bite of Drow steel!!”  The crew immediately drew swords an attacked. The Kenku were no match for the angered Drow and were quickly dispatched. Bluedo the barman stood holding a shaking Tabatha they were only protected by the bar in front of them as the massacre ensued. The Drow finished with their gory work started searching the Kenku bodies.  They came across a map that suggested possible treasure hoard nearby. Without a second look at the terrified barman or cat girl the Drow disappeared into the night.


The next day after fresh supplies for the Drow City Shanizar the crew with Captain Bâleed and her new Quaggoth Slave Rugg entered the Kenku lair to take what riches they could find. Another new crew member Rann (a rather short runt of a noble) joined the crew at this point. For a change Captain Bâleed bolstered by her new expensive bodyguard Rugg joined her crew in the adventure and left the first mate to look after the Despair. As they moved in the entrance of the cave marked out by the map they spied three Kenku on watch in a large alcove 20 feet up the wall. Rann trying to impress moved forward prematurely just as they others were preparing their bows to take out the three watchmen. Alerted to the Drow one Kenku ran towards an alarm gong and sounded the alert. The Drow fired on the Kenku and killed them in one volley as poisoned darts, arrows, and bolts smashed into their bodies. 


The cavern was around 20 feet across and the Drow took up an attack line across the floor as they heard the massed movement of many feet from the shadows ahead. As the mass of bodies appeared through the gloom the Drow could see around 20 Kenku and in their midst the huge form of a young giant. The Drow had one or two rounds of missile fire before the melee would begin. They quickly formulated to try a few Viper bolts at the giant but take as many of the Kenku down with missiles before charging in.  The Drow felt the Kenku would be easy to kill they just had an advantage in numbers - the giant was the real threat.  They fired the first round and two Viper bolts hit the giant but the poison had no effect on him, 5 of the Kenku were hit but still coming. On the next round they focused on thinning down the Kenku, this time 5 died on poisoned bolts 4 more were injured.


They the Drow charged swords drawn. Bâleed and Rugg took on the giant after killing a few Kenku, The rest of the crew slaughtered the remaining band. At this point Kalan pulled out of the main fight to climb up on the alcove to fire his Viper at the giant. The giant had received a few minor wounds but was not going to be an easy kill. The rest of the crew moved to the aid of the captain. The giant kept swinging his club at the Drow and fortunately kept missing them by inches. It was clear to see a direct hit would reduce any Drow to a bloody pulp. Kalan got into position and shouted out his intentions. The crewmen moved round to flank and rear of the giant and get out of the line of fire, all except Captain Bâleed and Rugg who were to weary and too engrossed in their present fight. Kalan took aim and fired - he hit the giant - but the poison did not work. He tried again … but missed and the bolt struck the Quaggoth Slave in the back – the poison had no affect on it either.  Another shot and this one hit the Quaggoth again!! Rugg infuriated pulled away from the giant and the Captain then ran to attack Kalan. Kalan shouted at Rugg to get back in the fight but move around out of his direct fire range. The murderous look on Rugg’s face told Kalan all he needed to know – he put down the Viper and drew his sword. Seeing Rugg climb the wall with ease Kalan was now aware that even he was dwarfed by this creature. Any doubts he had were quickly brushed aside as he prepared now to kill his captain’s bodyguard – even if he survived this it could still mean his end. The battle was quick and furious Rugg managed to get his club through Kalan’s defences leaving him stunned but Kalan’s experience paid off as he reverse lunged and his sword pierced Rugg in the chest and through his heart.


Taking a few seconds to recover he returned to the front of the alcove. The Drow fighting the giant were tiring and their success in wounding the giant was only slightly better than the giants in wounding them. Gul and the Captain were sporting bruises and as ever Birz and Rann were making their way to the back of the cavern – seeking out treasure. Kalan thought he would try two more bolts then join the Captain to finish off the giant. He drew aim and fired, the bolt struck the giant on the shoulder… but no poison effect! Frustrated Kalan tried again but just as the bolt left the Viper the Captain had jumped up to take a lunge at the giants exposed neck. Bâleed’s sword struck home just as the Viper bolt buried itself in her back … this time the poison worked. Bâleed’s body dropped to the ground like a rag doll as the crew finally dispatched the weakened giant. Kalan stood in shock - what has he done?!! No-one was given a second to react to their captains death as Birz and Rann in their sneaking off had come across another 10 to 15 Kenku at the back of the cavern. Kalan scrambled down to the crew and looked straight at Gul who pointing to the dead captain smiled and said “nice one”. They then ran to finish of the rest of the crow men.


Once all enemies were dead the crew sought out the wealth and riches hoarded by the Kenku. Kalan and Rann were sorting through a treasure chest when Rann blatantly grabbed a ring and started to pocket it. Kalan put out his hand saying “that is not yours just to take - hand it over” Rann believing in his superiority as a noble told Kalan “piss off peasant its mine” and drew his sword. Kalan smiled drew his sword and with two thrusts left the noble dying on the rotten floor. He then removed all of Rann’s valuables including what turned out to be a magical ring.

They cleaned up the Drow dead, burning the bodies away from the cave. Making the Kenkus look more numerous than they were. Breaking bows and arrows and scattering them around, as none of the crew wanted to be held responsible for being involved in the death of their captain. The actual story given to clan Kobra went like this:

 “We were surprised by superior numbers as Rann allowed them to set off an alarm bringing 20 to 30 Kenku sneaks and a giant, in the thick off the fight as we laid waste to the Kenkus.  Kalan took the higher ground (killing 5 Kenkus) then fired on the giant hoping to poison it in one fell swoop. Gul, Rann, Birz saw the tactic and moved round to engage the Giant at the side and rear and drive off the Kenkus out of my line of sight. The Captain and Quaggoth slave attacked the giant in the front. Kalan's darts bore true but the poison had no affect on the giant, unfortunately the captain and the Quaggoth took some friendly fire due to their bad positioning. The Quaggoth went feral after taking some nicks and ran to attack Kalan leaving the captain. The captain was struck down dead by the Giant as she was no longer supported by the Quaggoth. Gul, Birz, Rann killed the Giant in revenge and broke the remaining Kenkus. Kalan fought for his life against Rugg and was forced to kill the feral Quaggoth taking wounds.  With revenge in their hearts the remaining bloodied Drow went to massacre the remaining Kenkus deeper in the cave. At the last battle wearied and bloodied Rann was killed but all Kenkus were killed.”

The crew had one major advantage they discovered a map in the Kenku’s lair that would lead them to more treasurer in a deep in an underground cavern. Their initial investigation showed that a Knock spell would be needed to open the magically protected door. So their story was taken at face value and they were to be dispatched to investigate this new find once the Despair had been given a new captain. Gul looked eager to fill that position and Kalan gladly offered his support. Birz on the other hand remained quiet.


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