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Main » 2014 » May » 9 » The View from the Bottom
3:44 PM
The View from the Bottom

The View from the Bottom

Hey, who you lookin’ at?

Oh yeah, well just get lost I ain’t interested.

Say wha’? An’ why would anyone give a shit about me?

I’ll be on trid? You mean wid’ all them stars an’ shit? Shut the front door. What do I get out of it? Is there money? Freebies?

Oh, no money but I get to be famous. Well that sucks big time. Famous don’t get you fed or a place to stay. Down here in the PJs you rely on yourself and your friends. The man wants to push you ‘round he’s got to deal with a whole heap o’ shit when you got friends, know what I mean. Now I’m started I better keep on.

My name? It’s Krome, Karen Krome. That ain’t my real name y’unnerstan but that’s what the guys call me. What guys? The other punks in the Black Widows, that’s my crew y’unnerstan. We all got street names ya know but I ain’t tellin’ you all what the others are called.

Why? ‘Cos my ass wouldn’t be worth shit is why. You don’t live on the street do you? Or you’d know better than to ask me things like that. Only the pigs ask that and they get the same answer; or a kick in the balls heh, heh!

Yeah there’re other crews but ain’t none of ‘em as shit hot as the Widows.

Why the name? Well, we all bitches right. You get guys comin’ in they just wanna take over right. We’re their bitches no what I mean? So we say “Hell no! We gonna make them our bitches or cut their balls off. Guys don’t like girls what think for themselves, right. Not that we don’t like guys, if you get my drift. We just don’ want them in our crew.

The Projects is our turf, yeah. We used to run in Shanty Town too but a bunch of other crews came along. We had a rumble. Some of us got hit and some of them got hit and we had to vacate, know wha’ I mean? But we’ll get our shit together, be back and kick some ass. If not in Shanty Town, then some other place.  

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