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Main » 2011 » April » 25 » The True Followers of Vhaeraun!
The True Followers of Vhaeraun!
The True Followers of Vhaeraun

As time past, Gorlab could see that General Gul was acting more and more suspiciously since the cleric Brun had asked what task Vhaeraun had tasked him with …

"Had the general lost favour with the Masked Lord? Had he another task for him?? Time would surely tell”, Gorlab thought on, "I will ask for guidance from the wise cleric and send Sue with a note, asking for him and his devout follower Goll to hear of my worries.” Then calling for Sue, and giving her a note … "Fly quickly and quietly lest you be detected. ONLY Brun Casta may see the note … go now my little dragon!

Gorlab looked over the Wolfsbanes side, watching for a sign from the Retribution of movement. Brun and Goll soon appeared on deck, and quickly made their way over, with the look of worry on their faces. The cleric Brun Casta spoke first …

"Goll has informed me that the General has changed his loyalties to the beastmens god of war”, then cursing under his breath, "all our hopes lie in the hand of a traitor! Speak Goll and let Captain Gorlab know what has passed!

As Goll told of the generals play on his loyalties to get him to become a follower of Raji, he could see that matters had gotten out of hand and Gul had to be questioned ... by the true followers of Vhaeraun!

"Let us approach the General and see how he responds to these allegations”, Gorlab spoke, "maybe he has become disillusioned with our lords teachings”, and checking his sword, "we shall teach him to praise the true deity of the Drow!

Quickly gathering the ships crew, along with Goll & Brun, they all left to approach the Retribution and General Gul, unaware their own ships pilot, Arla, a henchwomen of the generals was listening on their conversation and had quickly ran to warn him, taking the Wolfsbanes Elemental Crown with her!

On climbing down the ships ladder, the party had no idea Gul was watching, cursing under his breath and ordering the Retribution to take flight. Before they could act, a huge fireball struck them and the Wolfsbane, setting the ship on fire and killing some of the members. Gorlab took control of the situation straight away, expecting a fight … but not as soon as this … "Goll, return the favour!”, and along with his own fireball spell, set the Retribution ablaze in no time at all.  All died in the fierce blasts, save Wish the elf, who jumped ship, and the general ... who managed to grab the pilots crown to try and escape in the blazing airship.

Gorlab called out … "Surrender Gul, we seek only the Sword of Kalan! Give up before it is too late … ", but the call was ignored as the general gave a hand gesture of defiance and cursed those that attacked him, before falling under another hail of fireballs! Thus died General Gul … a great Drow warrior who fell victim to the gods who played with all mortals as mere toys!!

As the Retribution burned and crashed to the ground, the party looked to save their own ship, casting spells, hurling sand, dirt and water from wherever they could, managing to dampen the fire and eventually putting it out. But, as the Retribution burned, so did their Elemental Crown which flew the Wolfsbane airship, freeing all the air elementals. Gorlab cursed under his breath when he realised, "... damn that Arla, may her bones burn to a cinder and her soul rot in the Demonweb Pits!!!

With the Wolfsbane saved from total distruction in the fire, but no elementals to fly her, and the Retribution totally destroyed, the party would move to their new airship.  With the monies taken from the burnt out airship and the Sword of Kalan in safe hands of a true believer, which was given to Goll for his good deeds, and 
along with what little remains of Sue could be found the battle had cost the party dearly.  Sue had sacrificed herself in trying to stop the Retribution getting away, being caught in the fireballs and instantly killed. Gorlabs heart was filled with great sorrow … "A truer friend and faithful familiar I will never find. Sleep well my pet, sleep well in the dragon heavens!

With the aftermath of all that had happened, Gorlab, Goll & Brun could see their faction suffering from within ... "We shall seek out and kill all who appose us … for the Masked Lord!
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The Wolfsbane lost the elemental crown that controlled the air elementals - not the beings themselves. We planned to look at the configuration of the Yuan Ti Drow ship the War Serpent and replicate it for the Wolfsbane.

The Wolfsbane was moved away from the Retribution reckage. Buried and hidden. Brun then assigned 30 chaos zombies from the corflu warriors dead to be buried protectors- armoured and armed to protect it. Only Brun can first approach wiothout provoking an attack.

All hail Vhaeraun!! And a new order under Air Marshall Gorlab!!

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Good one Walts from the other side of the quarrel. A few opportunities for talks were missed I think. cry

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