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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » The Red Orcs – Assassination of the White Orc General
The Red Orcs – Assassination of the White Orc General

The Red Orcs – Assassination of the White Orc General

The crew decided to attempt a sneak attack directly on the generals headquarters. The White orc general had taken over a shack on a low hill and had his army billeted a quarter mile around it. They decided on feather fall and invisibility. Kalan was the only one with the invisibility spell learned so had to use up most of his magic reserve to cast it on himself and the 3 other crewmen chosen for this suicidal quest Gul, Birz and Dreggs. The tactic worked well as the Despair flew over the shack the assassins held together by the magical rope descended to a few feet outside the open door. The Despair headed north and was watched closely by the orc night watchmen who had been about to shout the alert and ready their weapons – Drow moving at night were not to be trusted. Vixia had been told to return at a signal or when the shack went on fire.


As the Drow advanced to eliminate the two orc guards, at the front of the shack, their clever plan fell into pieces. Inside the shack a low growl was heard and a small dog leapt out of the door barking and snapping in the direction of the invisible Drow. Dreggs and Birz immediately reacted and fired into the shack towards the General and three of his staff he was in a meeting with. Gul, Birz charged into the shack as Kalan and Dreggs dealt with the sentries they were now all visible. Kalan killed his and moved inside. He noticed Dreggs was having great difficulty with the other sentry – who was holding Dreggs at bay and shouting for help. Inside one staff member was killed and Gul was fighting the general, Birz had just killed another staff officer and was dealing with the other. To Kalan’s amazement Gul was bested in two almost mortal blows so he jumped into fight the general and allow Gul to pull back. This was not going well for the Drow. Kalan was struck twice after dealing the general blows that would have killed any other foe.


The second caused no pain as his body crashed to the wall of the shack. He could hear the battle around him then it faded form his senses. He was suddenly in the presence of a large male Drow with Golden hair and Golden eyes. The voice of the god said “Kalan you are mine!! Return to the mortal world and do my bidding. Dreggs the cleric will be your mentor and teacher. Serve me well.”  Kalan came around he was alive but was completely weak. He knew one glancing hit and he would be dead. He searched through his pack and drank a potion of advanced healing. As he looked up he saw Gul kill the General and Birz setting fir to the back of the shack. Outside Dreggs had finally killed the sentry but the whole of the White Orc army were alerted and running up the hill.


Gul took the head of the general and removed the gloves – these were magical and increased the wearers strength. Gul used them to smash a hole in the back of the shack. Dreggs came in and bolted the door, he then collected the Dragon banner. The Drow headed out of the burning shack only to be met with a horde of angry orcs. Gul raised the generals severed head and shouted “Your leader is dead look upon his mortality” he hoped to delay the orcs long enough to get on the Despair they could see rapidly gaining on their position from the north. The orcs lost their battle fever and stood dumbstruck at the loss of their beloved leader. The Drow stood still not wanting to break the spell they had over the army. Kalan just had enough energy to stand upright. Then as the Despair landed the orcs scattered and the Drow leapt aboard. Kalan was forever changed he was no longer a follower of Astralla – he had a new evil god to follow.


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