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Main » 2009 » October » 31 » The Babbling head – gets muted
The Babbling head – gets muted

The Babbling head – gets muted

As the death of Captain Bâleed sank in and the crew waited to hear who would be appointed their new captain the clan House Kobra was in for another surprise.  Kalan had sought quieter pursuits he had found a book on improving your charm and was reading it thoroughly. With the loss of Cero, and his recent interrogation he had thought about trying to use his seductions on the Priestess Sultanya who had been with them on the last couple of quests. He thought to use his Outsider rural charm (this did not go down well with the Drow females of the City) to ask for help in the Lloth texts and prayers in case he was doing it wrong.  Just to try and ingratiate himself with Priestess Sultanya. She was often too busy and regarded Kalan with much suspicion.  He decided it might be better to keep a low profile instead. On a whim he went off to the library to see the weird construct Defect and spend time with the Babbling head.


To his surprise he found Birz avidly scribbling notes as the babbling head spoke of “poisoned gas”, ”the King of the Undead”, “great peril”, “great wealth”, “watch for the moor”. Kalan was above intelligence for a Drow and did enjoy puzzling things out. He offered his help asking Birz “what was that about? Have you managed to piece anything together?” He was also wondering to himself what have you been up to sneaking about around the babbling head without a word to anyone?!! Birz stood up in a panic and all but ran out of the room stuttering “Eh, nothing at all. Seems like a load of rubbish to me”. Kalan stared at Birz’s disappearing back. Oh, you know something you sneak and I want to find out.  He stayed a little while longer and chatted to Defect. “So Defect how are you enjoying being in the Drow City Shanizar?” The construct stated carefully that it had seen some very unusual sights but was pleased to be out of the hole in the wall. Kalan turned the conversation to Birz and asked how long he had been visiting the babbling head.  To his surprise Defect told him that Birz had been visiting the head for hours at a time almost as soon as they were set up in the library.


Kalan decided to use his magic and thieving skills to good use and follow that sneaky Birz. He also took the time to inform Gul of what Birz had been up to.  Kalan followed Birz and raided his room on several occasions but came up empty. There were no notes left about and no clue as to what Birz was up to. Birz was spooked but had been adept at keeping his secrets. He had a habit of disappearing into the city and Kalan lost track of him each time.


A few days later the crew were informed their new captain was to be a female Vixia who had brought her first mate a female called Bae.  Gul was crestfallen but realised he was just not powerful enough yet to be offered to become captain of the Despair. Birz was very quick to ingratiate himself with Vixia. Soon Kalan found his time was being occupied by the first mate Bae. Although this was a pleasant distraction he knew that this was the machinations of Birz to keep Kalan busy and out of Birz’s business.


As Kalan tried to entertain and enjoy Bae he also tried to keep an eye on Birz. This was to no avail as Birz had other plans and they seemed to come to fruition soon after. The first was an attack by an invisible foe on the House Kobra that resulted in the theft of none other than the babbling head – the only thing stolen!! Kalan’s suspicion was firmly fixed on Birz - he just had to have had something to do with this. Then soon after the theft Defect came under Birz’s sway as one of his henchmen. Far too neat.


In the near future as the crew fought in an underground cavern the crew were heavily beset by several monsters. At one point Bae was struck down but was fully revived by Kalan using his magic casting to heal wounds. Bae kissed Kalan and ran off to the fray again. This was much to the amusement of Gul who asked “Why bother, she will have to go at some point”. Kalan smiled and said “Ah but she’s and interesting bedfellow and I am not bored with her yet”.  Unfortunately the daring Bae ran straight into a difficult fight and was killed in the next melee. Kalan was actually upset to see Bae die and held her until the light faded from her eyes.


When they arrived at the ship the sadness of the loss of Bae was replaced with surprise as captain Vixia announced that Birz would now be first mate to the Despair. Kalan looked to Gul for some reaction and noticed his narrowed eyes and clenched jaw. Well thought Kalan you have done well for yourself with all your sneaking about Birz but you have also made a dangerous enemy of Gul. Lets see where that will get you.


As to the whereabouts of the babbling head – nothing so far.

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