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Main » 2014 » September » 7 » Tessler Part 2
1:43 PM
Tessler Part 2

Tessler Part 2

Tank v. Tank

As the battle raged on the streets of the city a terrible coincidence brought destruction to Tessler Spaceport. The Loyalist and Rebel commanders had deployed their armoured assets on opposing flanks. This meant that two tank armies were set to clash and the spaceport would be the battlegound.

The rebel forces approach to the port was covered by low, rolling hills while the loyalists came in over flat ground. Buildings and civilian cargo containers provided both sides with a degree of protection in the spaceport itself, but this was ideal terrain for armour. The loyalists’ advance was led by a recce unit of light tanks followed by a mix of medium and heavy vehicles. The rebel force consisted entirely of medium tanks, a mix of Red Blok and UNA machines. The Red Blok would later accuse the UNA of intervention but the vehicles, it seems, were obtained from an unknown source.

The opening rounds were fairly inconclusive with both sides suffering and inflicting damage equally. The rebels succeeded in holding back the advancing light tanks, immobilising or destroying them and held their own against the better armed medium tanks. As the battle progressed, however, the loyalists gradually gained the upper hand. The heavy tanks, one of which carried a missile launcher, were too much for the lighter, less well armed medium tanks. The rebels took up positions behind a hill, protecting them in part from enemy guns, but it provided no respite from the missiles. The loyalists lost three or four of their tanks, whereas the rebel force was destroyed entirely.

Although this was hailed by the Red Blok propagandists as a victory, it was short lived. Unable to secure the spaceport, the loyalist force fell back and the rebel infantry occupied the vacated ground.


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1 zellak army got totally bitch-slapped....and i still won !

Go me. wink biggrin

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