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Main » 2014 » January » 9 » Plans are made
Plans are made

A History of The Expedition

by Diabetes of Praxis

1. The Plans are made.

Praxis was a small Greek city on the largely unknown island of Thales in the Aegean Sea. It was supported by a collection of farming and fishing communities. There were descendants of foreign workers living and working in Praxis, sharing its bounties and contributing to its wellbeing. The City’s progressive and forward thinking administration had abolished slavery, unlike other cities. The children of ex-slaves also worked in the City and contributed to its prosperity. Thus, there existed a community of non-Greek origin which added a vital element to the Polis. The City was a democracy like Athens but had a much wider citizenship, including women and non-Greeks. This state of affairs had existed for as long as anyone alive could remember but there came a time when the citizens began to ask questions.

Why had no one visited the City within living memory?

What lay beyond the horizon?

From where had the non-Greeks in the Polis come?

The City’s administrators held a meeting in order to find a way to answer the puzzle.


It was decided that a ship should be built. Not a little fishing boat, but a sea going vessel which would sail far beyond the shores of Praxis. It would be manned by the best men and women that the City could produce. They would embark on a voyage of discovery and hopefully find the reason for the islands long isolation. So a proclamation was issued asking for volunteers willing to undertake the task. Those wishing to volunteer were told to gather at the agora when the ship was ready. The date duly arrived and the whole citizenry turned out for the occasion. Each candidate gave a speech giving reasons why they should be chosen and the citizens cheered for their favourites. It was agreed that Xenon should be captain but only after a fierce debate with Orestes. Forty brave sons and daughters of Praxis were eventually chosen to go and the expedition prepared to leave.

2. A slight delay

As the assembly was coming to an end, uproar in the crowd could be heard. A mounted farmer was fighting his way through the throng shouting something.

"Your honours, your honours” the farmer was breathless. "A minotaur has stolen one of my sheep. This is not the first time this happened as my fellow farmers will attest.” A murmur of agreement came from the crowd.

"The City has promised to do something on several occasions but as usual nothing has happened.”  

Farmers in the crowd backed him up. "The farming community want action now.”

Four of the heroes stepped forward. Xenon spoke for them all.

"Perhaps we might be of service. It will be a test of how well we can work together.” Ajax, the son of a City boat builder, Cassius, descendant of ex-slaves and Orestes stood with him. A prominent citizen offered them the use of two chariots and off they went, following the farmer who rode ahead.

They came to the spot where the minotaur had last been sighted and they searched for any clues as to where it might have gone. Xenon was the first to spot the blood trail leading further into the hills and then they found hoof prints. They tracked the monster to its lair and prepared to go into the cave. Cassius urged his fellows on, eager to do battle, but they did not need to move as the minotaur came storming out of the hill side wielding a huge club. It struck out left and right attempting to hit one of the heroes but they managed to avoid any serious wounds. The minotaur was less lucky as the four reigned blow after blow. It eventually fell as Xenon struck of its head with his sword and held it aloft in triumph. The heroes carried the head back to the City and after a celebration the expedition final got underway.  

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