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A History of The Expedition

by Diabetes of Praxis


Continuing on their way, they searched for sight of land or any indication of life outside Praxis. After some time the lookout indicated a ship ahead of them. They strained their eyes trying to identify it. It seemed to be of foreign design and of a similar size to the Greek ship but whether it was friendly or not they could not tell. The other ship turned towards them and it soon became apparent that their intentions were anything but friendly. Xenon shouted an order. "Ram them, ram them.” The two ships were on a collision course but the other vessel narrowly managed to out manoeuvre our heroes and the crews prepared for a boarding action.


A bloody fight followed. The Greeks were quicker than their opponents and boarded first, beating back the defenders and killing them easily without loss to themselves. Eventually the enemy was forced to surrender. The new ship, on closer inspection, turned out to be an eastern pirate vessel.

"What are we going to do with it?” asked Ajax.

"Burn it as a sacrifice to Poseidon.” A voice from the crew shouted.

"No, throw the captain overboard as a sacrifice,” another urged.

Xenon pondered for a while. The crew waited expectantly for his decision.

"Right. The pirate chief goes overboard and we put a handful of our crew on the pirate ship and send it back to Praxis as a prize. Those that go back will make certain the rest of us will get our money on our return.” A cheer went up and a plank was brought. The pirate chief was forced on to it at spear and sword point. He reached the end of the plank and fell into the sea, going under almost immediately. "Poor feller couldn’t swim,” one of the pirates was heard to say. They waited for some sign that Poseidon had accepted the offering, but all remained quiet. "Well, it was worth a try,” said Xenon resignedly.


The pirate ship and the Expedition wished one another a safe journey and parted company. The Expedition sailed eastward, searching for any sign of life.

"I hope we sight land soon as we only have a few barrels of water left, enough for a day or two, maybe a week at most,” said Orpheus.

"Land to port,” the lookout shouted and there was an island just visible on the horizon.

Xenon ordered a change of heading towards the island. It took them a few hours to reach the land and they soon found a welcoming beach. They ran the ship onto the shore, gathered canteens and set off inland. The majority of the crew went to the left and Ajax, Xenon and Cassius set off to the right. Along the way they rested and sat down among some rocks. Cassius leant back and stretched his arms, yawning and feeling relaxed when he felt a jab in his back.

"There’s something strange about this rock I’m leaning on” he said, puzzled’. Then two pincers appeared and legs began to sprout from the sides of the ‘rock’. A giant crab awoke, angry at being disturbed from its slumber, and attacked the heroes. Protected by its carapace and attacking with its large pincers it put up a strong fight. The heroes were able to strike the beast but rarely did their blows do damage. They kept hitting the crab’s natural armour. A few blows, however, were able to penetrate but it was a long struggle with Ajax finally delivering the death blow.

"Crab meat for dinner, then,” he said, catching his breath before they continued. They found a small stream which fed into a pool of clear, fresh water and they began filling the canteens. Xenon tilted his head. "What is it?” asked the others.

"I thought I heard someone crying,” he replied; "Yes, there it is again. Definitely crying. It seems to be coming from the other side of the pool.”

They scanned the pool and caught a glimpse of a figure in the bushes. They crept closer, trying to stay hidden. They came to a rocky formation jutting out into the water. Sitting on it was a beautiful naiad, sobbing whilst combing her long hair. She started as she saw the heroes watching her. Embarrassed, Ajax and Cassius turned away but Xenon spoke to her, asking her name.

"I am Ophelia and before you make any rude jokes I’ve heard them all before so don’t bother.”

"That was furthest from my mind” said Xenon, lying through his teeth. "But why do you weep? This is such an idyllic place.”

"Idyllic, yes, but hard to bear when one is alone. I crave the company of others. I want to laugh and enjoy myself, perhaps have adventures.”

"How lucky we met” said Xenon, "my comrades and I are on a quest. You’re welcome to join us. I can promise you adventure and plenty of laughs.” He winked knowingly. Ophelia blushed and agreed to join the heroes. With a wave of her hand her fishlike lower half changed into human form "easier to walk this way” she explained.

"If I could walk that way..”

"Shut up Ajax”, interrupted Xenon.

The four then made their way back to the ship to continue their journey.

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