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Game Notice

Dear All,

a quick note that Pathfinder/DnD resumes August 9th!

The party continues onwards following there recent adventures.....................

Following the successful adventures in Rose Quarry, the party  discovered the location of Whitehearth, the secret House Cannith forge. After a difficult and adventure, the party recovered the missing part of the schema and returned it to Lady Elaydren d'Cannith in Sharn.

After a long rest, the party decided to explore a treasure map they had previously found which promised 'immortality' to it's finder. As the party made plans to travel to Karnath to start there treasure hunt, they happened to meet another party who were planning a trip to explore the ruins of fabled Xendrik.

Deciding that the treasure hunt could wait and seeing that Xendrik could offer greater riches, the party decided to join the heroes who were going to Xendrik to help them find hidden treasure under a haunted temple built by the long gone giants who once lived there.

After much searching and bargaining, the party managed to arrange a ship transport to Xendrk, agreeing to meet their counterparts within a week. However, events were to prove otherwise.....

At first, the journey was uneventful, however on the 3rd day of the journey, the ship was attacked by pirates! Surprised, Squee the Goblin was badly wounded and took cover under deck immediately. The dwarf Krag and elven ranger Castus drew the weapons and tried to rally the terrified sailors.

As they fought desperately to repel the boarders, a wizard amongst the pirates launched spell after spell, mercilessly killing the sailors and injuring the party.Krag and Castus fought valiantly, vanquishing priate after pirate and were soon joined by Squee who recoverd by drinking a health potion.

With the tide of battle turning through the heroic efforts of the party, the pirates started to jump and tried to leave. However, fuelled by bloodlust or a brave foolhardiness, Squee and Krag decided to take the fight to the battle weary pirates!!!

With no regard for their injuries, the two jumped upon the retreating pirate ship to try and capture it for themselves. Castus could only stare aghast and desperately tried to provide some covering fire for the fast withdrawing pirate ship. As he desperately fired arrow after arrow at the departing pirates, he could only hear one last bone chilling cry that could have only come from the lips of Squee followed by a loud heavy splash and a bubling dwarfish curse......

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Oh dear, the death of two characters isn't ideal to start
a new adventure!? sad

But, looking forward to getting back to the campaign on the
9th ... Norrin Radd, a Paladin of the Silver Flame, shall make
his sword ready for the challenging days ahead ... Walts

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