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Main » 2009 » October » 9 » Dungeons & Dragons: Drow Campaign
Dungeons & Dragons: Drow Campaign
The Valley of the Great Sword is populated by many creatures, it is one of the few enclaves not overrun by mankind. It is the homeland of Elves, Dwarrows, Orcs, Spider Folk, Dragons, Cat People and Swamp Creatures to name a few.

But there is little known of the Dark Elves who live in a city perched precariously on the side of a mountain half a days flight, as the crow flies, over Sorcerak. That den of evil, lair of spider worshippers, stronghold of the Airship pirates called Rievers, goes by the name Shanizar the Wicked.

Our "Heroes" the crew of the good ship Despair is second ship of the line. She raids the surrounding lands bringing back booty to House Kobra (though a good deal of this always seem to end up in lockers under the beds of some enterprising Rievers).

Ship, Crew & Mission History
The Despair is commanded by Captain Vixia, she rules with a rod of iron, is always ready to flog any crewman for the slightest error, as is the way of all Drow.
For what is the point in having power if you cannot use it to bring misery on others. devil
She is a devout follower of Lolth the Spider Goddess.
Her henchmen include the Pilot ( a Drow Nobleman who lives to fly and guards his post jealously) and the Engineer (a Duergar who mutters to himself more than is normal...even for a Dark Dwarrow).

On their last mission , the crew found themselves escorting a Red Orc emmissary back to the Base camp of Chairman Naskhund. Where , it was agreed for a large fee, that they would undertake to murder a White Orc General.

However the Despair was sidetracked into preventing a White Orc emmissary from parleying with "X the Unknown". Having despatched the detachment of warg riders guardians our "heroes" dry came upon the emissary who had been rendered comatose by a sleep spell.

She is none other than Princess Teh, daughter of Krawn the Crazy, Tzar of all Orcdom. She is presently being held prisoner in the deep dark hold of the Despair.
Where she finds herself at the mercies of a number of newly hired goblin slaves.

The last group of goblin slaves were jettisoned overboard in an effort to gain altitude when outrunning a Vortex Storm. teehee

Our daring group of marauders had a hard time dealing with the General. They made themselves invisible and then jumped overboard above the his command post, a small shack on a hill. Using featherfall spells they alighted close to the shack , and would have had the element of surprise if it was not for the General pet dog.

A melee ensued within the shack , the alarm was called , White Orc soldiers came from every quarter, the shack was on fire and our Drow Assassins sorely wounded. needing to use much magic to keep themselves in the fight.

Finally the General , though resisting fiercely was struck down by a telling blow from Gul . Breaking a hole in the back of the burning shack they staggered into the moonlight , brandishing the head of the general

But the Orc horde stood, and shambled closer to the bloodied murderers. All at once the Despair descended in their midst of the Orcs and they scattered.

Our favourite Rievers then grabbed the ropes thrown down by their crewmates and made good their escape into the night.

Chairman Naskhund was most generous.

Captain Vixia pledged future support to the Red Cause.

But as they say in the Valley of the Great Sword, their is no merit in a Drow Oath".

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