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AT-43 [60]
Humanity is at war with the technologically advanced Therians, a presumably robotic species bent on subjugating and transforming all planets for their ultimate purpose: the crafting of a "better", more organized universe under their rule, which they refer to as their "therian heaven".
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Main » 2014 » August » 29 » Defection


The Five Hierarchs: Leaders of the Red Blok. They implement the decisions of The Assembly of Collectives, the governing body of the Red Blok. Some say they wish to dispense with the assembly altogether and assume absolute power. The Hierarchs themselves are divided, however. Marshall Timoshenkov, Hero of the Red Blok and head of the army; Dr Alexandra Ivanova, Director of Gencol; Comrade Sergei Danskoyevski, Secretary of the Assembly of Collectives are defenders of the assembly and its place in the governing of the Red Blok.

Marshall Kolchak, Head of Intelligence; Valentina Tereshkova, Party Secretary and member of Hades local collective are hard liners who want to see more power in the hands of the Hierarchs. This would, in their opinion, streamline the processes and make decision making less unwieldy.


Hades: Cradle of the Revolution and seat of the Assembly of Collectives.

Marshall Kolchak greeted his right hand man. “Comrade, please come in and be seated.”  Chief Commissar Ivan Ionu sat at the large desk.


“No, Thank you, sir.” The Commissar replied.

“As you wish, and less of the formalities. We are alone; call me Alexei.”

“No thank you, Alexei.”

The Marshall leant forward, becoming serious. “I believe you have uncovered a plot, comrade.”

“Yes, certain members of the Hierarchy have been in communication with the rebels on Sigma 5. They speak openly of setting up an alternative Red Blok government; one that will listen to the assembly and be more open to the people. I have set in motion a plan to stop them. I need your permission if I am to proceed further. At the moment my people are merely observing, keeping the counter revolutionaries under surveillance.”

“Then put your plan into action, my friend. Be quick and try not to be too obvious, eh?”

“Thank you. Is the offer of vodka still open?”

The two men smiled and raised their glasses. “Long live the revolution!”


During the night three doors were forced open. Dr Ivanova and Comrade Danskoyevski were dragged from their beds. The people were told that they had committed crimes against collectivism and the Red Blok. They were put on show as examples of corrupt leadership. After their humiliation they were never seen again and no one dared talk about them.


Later still:

“The Marshall slipped past you?” Chief Commissar Ionu spat the words out angrily. The man opposite flinched.


“He was believed to be heading for the heliport. An unscheduled flight has recently asked permission to land. We believe the two maybe connected, commissar.”


“No, you think?” Ionu replied sarcastically. “Secure the heliport and put up road blocks on all approaches. The Marshall must be stopped at all costs.”


On the streets:

Timoshenkov made his way carefully through the night time streets of Hades City. He looked round every corner and down every alleyway before moving on. He did not know who he could trust, or if he could trust anyone. The city would be teeming with RedInt agents and soldiers searching for him. He heard a voice in the shadows ahead; “Marshall, it’s OK come this way.” He edged closer and a figure came into view. “Come quickly, we have not much time.” The soldier was smiling whilst urging the Marshall on. Then he recognised the speaker as a guard at the Assembly buildings. “I am on your side.” Relieved, Timoshenkov followed.


The man held his hand up. The Marshall halted. “A Dragonov, they are all your enemies.” Shots rang out, some pinging off the wall close to the soldier’s ear. He ducked and shot from the hip. There came the muffled sound of a body slumping to the floor. “It’s OK, we can move on.” More of Timoshenkov’s supporters joined them and went ahead to clear the way.

They did not encounter anymore opposition, but they could hear a fierce fire fight going on in the streets around them. Who was winning?


Finally Timoshenkov was on the approach to the heliport. He saw one of his supporters fall to a sniper’s bullet. He was not out of the woods yet. He could see men on the heliport and they had a commanding view of the surrounding area. There was Ionu. A man to be watched. ”If the counter revolution succeeds, he will be the first to answer for his crimes” the Marshall thought grimly. His supporters made their way towards the heliport, hiding in shadows and using any cover they could find. Eventually they climbed up to the landing pad. The sound of an approaching aircraft wafted over the silent city. The pilot had wisely turned off his lights. A vicious melee ensued as Ionu and his men tried to capture the Marshall with both sides suffering casualties. Suddenly a bright light illuminated the scene as the helicopter attempted to land. In a last desperate bid for freedom, the Marshall managed to knock Ionu out and stumbled towards the aircraft.


The next day:

Marshall Kolchak paced his office. Chief Commissar Ivan Ionu stood to attention. “This is a setback, I know sir, but I have agents on Sigma 5 as we speak. They will find Timoshenkov and deal with him.”


“They must bring him back to face trial. We cannot have martyrs for the dissidents to rally behind. Do I make myself clear, comrade?”


“As crystal, sir.” Ionu replied quietly.

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