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Humanity is at war with the technologically advanced Therians, a presumably robotic species bent on subjugating and transforming all planets for their ultimate purpose: the crafting of a "better", more organized universe under their rule, which they refer to as their "therian heaven".
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Main » 2014 » October » 10 » A Digression #2
A Digression #2

Dirty Work at the Crossroads #2


UNA Intelligence HQ, Ava:

Deputy Director Hannah Noble stood and addressed the half dozen or so people seated around the table;


“We have intercepted communication between, wait for it, the ONI Corporation and Gencol.” A wave of concern went through the room. “We think this is a Gencol only operation; the rest of the Red Blok government agencies, including Supra, no nothing of it. We also believe this is the work of a rogue ONI agent out for his own ends, a guy called Harkness. He has sold a quantity of “Virus O” to Gencol and the last we heard of it was on a small planet out in the boondocks called Daedalus.”


“Have we done anything about it?” someone asked.


“A unit of steel troopers was inserted to intercept the shipment, but we lost touch three days ago. The last firm intel we have is that they managed to locate the goods but we don’t know if they managed to stop delivery to Gencol.”


“We have to go in and find out what has happened,” a military type put in.


“That’s where you come in General Walker. You will plan and execute a mission to discover just what has happened on Daedalus,” said Noble. “In addition, Dr Lomas will go on the mission as scientific advisor.” A serious looking man in a dark suit stood as the deputy director introduced him.


“That is all. General let me see the results once you’ve formulated a plan.”


With that the meeting broke up and each went their separate way.


Planet Daedalus a few days later:


Dr Lomas studied the screen on his scanner. He waved it in front of him. “This way,” he pointed roughly north east and set off without waiting for his companions.


“This is gonna be fun,” muttered Lieutenant Phillips, smiling at his two sergeants. They caught up with the scientist who was still intent on his readings. “You’re going to have to be more careful, Doc. You never know what’s behind the next rock.”


“We must get to the complex before the virus spreads too far. If we don’t contain this leak, and soon, this will be an uninhabitable environment.”


The lieutenant considered his options. “OK, Davis, your squad will stay with the Doc and make sure you keep him covered at all times. Henderson, you take your squad and watch the right flank.” The two sergeants headed off. As the group moved through the sparse under growth Lomas kept muttering under his breath and watching his scanner intently.


“It should be just through those trees, over there.”


Everyone looked to where he was pointing and sure enough there it was. Then they saw a slow moving figure approaching.


“Enemy ahead,” shouted the lieutenant. A shot rang out and the figure slumped to the ground.


“Careful now, boys. Keep your eyes peeled.” Another zombie went down and then another. It appeared the troopers were winning. They got nearer to the Gencol complex and were beginning to congratulate themselves, then their celebrations came to an abrupt end. Suddenly a trooper collapsed on the ground only to rise up again as a zombie. This happened again and again.


Dr Lomas realised what was happening. “The virus is infecting us. The closer we get, the more chance we have of breathing it in.”  


More zombies poured out of the complex hatchway and attacked, engaging the troopers on hand to hand combat. Each trooper that died was reincarnated as a zombie. An undead moved towards Dr Lomax as he approached the hatch. A shot brought the zombie down allowing the scientist to seal the hatch. He took readings with his scanner and a look of relief came to his face.


“That’s it, the virus is contained.”


The remaining zombies were hunted down and killed.


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