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20mm (1:72) Plastic Italeri Confederate Infantry

Here is part of another current project to build armies for 20mm for the Fire and Fury Regimental rules. It is not always clear how many of each figure you get and how useful the poses will be. There are around 50 figures in the box but there were around 6 figures as casualty and 6 prone figures that I did not use for this project (one with a casualty being carried over the shoulder of another - see Plastic Soldier review ). The pictures below show the figures cleaned, and painted to a basic tabletop battle standard. 


This is the completed figures just before being based. The poses for the majority were not great - lots of old style stances from old Airfix by the looks of them. The majority of the figures I managed to get were Strelets - these Italeri figures were a head taller and a lot thinner. I had been given a few other plastic miniatures that were of similar height so mixed these few in with them. As you can see the standard bearer is not great, but you do get extra officers!!

Image of the figures from the back.


The picture shows the troopers firing and kneeling - these poses were

what I was looking for to use Skirmishers / dismounted cavalry. 

Once based I will add extra pictures - but these will be mixed in.




Category: Painting Guides | Added by: RMcN (23-Jul-2023) | Author: Ross McNeil
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