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Main » 2014 » May » 19 » Wargames session 25th May 2014
Wargames session 25th May 2014


Alan B, Ian B


Game of Thrones

Keir, zellak, Stew P, & ???



Ross, Howard



Jamie S, Stew W, Chris, Aragorn, William



Aiden Cameron



Craig McC, Craig McD, Ian, Jamie, Stephen


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6 RMcN  
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After the bad storm the Parterre Halls were flooded. Our stuff is okay - Ian W was in to check it out. But we should consider informing the Council to get the roof and maybe the heating fixed!! We will speak about it on Sunday.

9 Morgoth  
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Oh dear, that's a bit scary! sad

The council don't seem interested in old P at all ... won't be long before they condemn the building and sell it for parking space for the new magnum,


4 Che  
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I will be in on Sunday. Sorry to disappoint you all. Can I join Game of Thrones?

7 smurfy  
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sure m80

1 Banksi  
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Roddy is going to be in this weekend and is looking for something to do.

2 RMcN  
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Well they are looking for players for Game of thrones Board game, or there is Saga!! biggrin

3 Morgoth  
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Me & Rodders will be in for a game of SAGA this weekend.

Maybe have a 2 vs 2 game to see how it plays in the SAGA rules ... is there any scenarios for 4 players floating about?

If we have time, maybe a game of Lords of Waterdeep?


5 RMcN  
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We have a couple of scenarios for 4 players. They are good ones - check out the battle report. biggrin

8 Morgoth  
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Yep, that would do!

>>> Bloody Succesion

Soon, I shall be King! tongue


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