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Club open 11am to 5pm in the Redburn Community centre. We move to the Redburn Community Centre in Irvine, Dickson Dr, Irvine KA12 9EW (Across from Irvine Royal, just south of Castle Park Road). 

Blood Red Skies & Boardgame  
     Howard, Jim R, Andy L, Philson, Stephen B, and ?

Test of Honour - Samurai skirmish Warlord Games  
     Alan B, Ian B, Andy M, Peter 

Alien V Predator
     Jamie S, Robert, Chris, Stuart, Kevin? &?

Napoleonics 15 mm  General D Armee
     Tom, Ross, Alan C?

     Ian W, zellak?

Lord of the Rings - SBG
     Walts Vs JohnR

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