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Space Crusade scenario Part 2 - Lure of Chaos
20-Oct-2014, 7:44 PM

As your space ship heads to the destination of the Chaos Lord responsible for your capture and that of your comrades. A tech reports a signal. A locator beacon on one of the missing marines was picked up located and then the signal disappears It was on a small moon around a Gas giant on the outskirts of the solar system you know contains the Chaos Lord. All of this space is considered uncharted and not under any specific influence. The Commander issues orders to make directly for the moon and carry out a scan. Passing on the information to the other ships.


The Moon appears habitable and a small primitive settlement is found where the locator beacon came from. The Commander ready’s the squad and prepares to check out and locate the missing soldiers. There are no signs of Chaos or technology or even any space flight capability on the Moon. You prepare to ready an attack for dawn.

Category: Downloads | Added by: RMcN | Tags: SciFi scenario, Space Crusade, Space Crusade scenario, 40K scenario
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