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AT-43 Q's, FAQ's & Rules
BalrogDate: Thursday, 13-Oct-2011, 21:48:17 | Message # 81
Aun Va III
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Quote (pavlov)
It has been said at least three times to my knowledge during games in the club "results stand" we can't go back and play every wrong turn.

Stuff happens during games when were not all 100% with the rules. ... Alan

Hey Alan ... Thanks for leaving some feedback.

My quam with what u've said, and zellak, is explaining this statement ... "results stand" ... and how u guys came about with this being a fair way to deal with an obvious error in gameplay. Not just for this game, but from previous games. As an example in the real world ... taken from another forum ...

"If a 100m runner is found to have taken performance enhancing drugs, even accidentally, there is no offer to re-run their last race. The honours simply pass to the rightful winner. It is the runner's duty to ensure he is "clean", just as it was your opponent's duty to ensure he had understood the rules of army composition."

... that's what I consider fair play. When a player makes an error in understanding the rules and benefits from it, then simply saying "results stands" doesn't wash with me. OBVIOUSLY, I wasn't around when this "campaign rule" was conceived.

Could you or zellak give me a reasoning behind "results stand" and how it came about, with an example of why we couldn't, at least, reset the two party's points back to what it was before the battle? This offer to roll back costs me 10VPs which I won in the game, so my Red Blok factions are still suffering at the error of another player.

Please be as blunt as possible in ur response, because my idea of fair play must be from Mars! I'm 200% confused.com as too why each case that comes up can't be discussed and resolved like grown up's, rather than the cop-out with "results stand" ... Walts

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