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Warhammer 40K (Scenery) - Tau Empire Compound
Hi Guys ... I'm looking to create some scenery for my Tau warriors to run about in, as well as play WarHammer 40K battles with, so I've managed to buy up some reduced guttering from homebase, gave them a thorough wash and will begin working on cutting, wet-sanding and priming them this weekend.  I've a mind to give them the usual white gloss finish for a Tau compound, anyone seen anything different?
Here's a picture of some of the bits I've got ...

My stumbling block? ... the front doors!!!  What too do ... hanger style, solid gates, energy doors ... what too do!
Here's a picture of the doorways at the mo, with some Fire Warriors and Tau Air Caste guarding it ...

The doorways 6cm high.  So, I'm open to any advice on painting the compound as a whole, tips for adding bits & bobs, doorways that painters have seen on eBay, UK sellers or done elsewhere ... any advice!!!
Drop me a PM or eMail, or simply leave a post in the comments below ... Thanks, Walts.
Category: Painting Guides | Added by: Morgoth (04-Dec-2012) | Author: Walts
Views: 3664 | Comments: 2 | Tags: Scenery, Warhammer, building, Sci-Fi, compound, tau air caste, Tau, 40K | Rating: 5.0/3
Total comments: 2
2 Morgoth  
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This seems like a good airbrushing kit buy for doing scenery ...

>>> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200600974912

... I'm guessing to get finer lines, the 0.3mm of the airbrushes that come with the kit could be improved on? ... Walts

1 Morgoth  
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Hi Guys ... I've been looking at what I've in the pipeline for scenery I'm wanting to do and I always come back to getting an airbrush kit and anything else that's needed to be able to cover large areas more cleanly than the old brush.

What's the least bit of kit I need ... airbrush, paints, thinners, aircan/compressor, etc?

Any advice or pointers, including websites, would be greatly appreciated ... Thanks, Walts

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