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Night Goblin Upgrade - Adding Shields
Warhammer Fantasy - Night Goblins - Shield Upgrade!
Having no memory for unit stats, I generally use my models as a ref to their abilities to fight & save, so after a loss last week with a couple of failed armour saves, I'd finally got round to sticking shields on the models.  Night Goblins come with shields as standard equipment in the armybook, so they should get an armour save.
Phase I - I removed the paint on the arm of the model to get a better bond with the shield, using Humbrol Poly Cement. 
Night Goblins - Shield Upgrade
Phase II - Holding the model & shield together for a minute forms a solid bond with the polyC, so I worked through the eight models for my Night Goblin horde frontline.
Night Goblin - Shield Upgrade
Phase III - I used a quick wash with GW Undercoat Black, then GW Scorched Brown to add some varying shading depth. Still playing around with painting styles and colours, it's all good fun experimenting!
Night Goblins - Shield Upgrade
Phase IV - A final heavy drybrush of Foundry Rawhide Shade (11A) & GW Gunmetal for the spike to finish a fun project. NOW I can see that my units have got shields! Have at them boyz!
Night Goblin - Shield Upgrade
I bosched these models together within a couple of hours, inbetween a cuppa & snack, some crazy Jerry Springer moments on the telly, a read at the Orcs & Goblins armybook and various pottering about the house!  Focus??? What's dat!?
But, it's a nice project to finish mid-week so I can get on with my Orc Arrers over the weekend
War ON! ... Walts
Category: Painting Guides | Added by: Morgoth (14-Nov-2012) | Author: Morgoth
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