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Movement Trays - Bosch Job!
Using my Lord of the Rings models in a lot more "battlefield" wargames than their usual skirmish format, I'd decided to paint up my movement trays.  As I'm usually fielding 12 or 20 in a unit, I got a little frustrated with having stragglers outside the "8 in a block" movement trays, so I decided to bosch a couple of the spare trays I had together!
Using the old razor saw for a fine cut, I wasn't too impressed when I made my various cuts, one tray down the middle and one end section of another ... then glued together with the polyC glue ...
Trays Glued Together
As u can see, my lines are as straight as my walking after a few beers! But, no worries.  The underbelly of the trays where filed slightly to allow a lot more contact for my ployC glue and a solid bond was made.  I then used some old Evo-Stick on the underbelly to give a bit more strength and fill the holes for the final paint job.
Once the Evo had dried over night, I used GW's Scorched Brown as base & second coat to give a nice solid colour, then slapped on the old PVA on the raised areas with a sprinkling of grass flock to give a nice final finish ...

Fin Job!

Can't beat the simple jobs in life! ... Walts
Category: Painting Guides | Added by: Balrog (13-Apr-2012) | Author: Walts
Views: 1880 | Comments: 2 | Tags: GW, movement trays, Lord of the Rings, scorched brown | Rating: 5.0/6
Total comments: 2
2 Balrog  
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Thanks Jamie!

There not that difficult to make really, just cutting a decent straight line would have helped, but it's the end result that matters. I'm well chuffed with using them now and plan to make another load soon for my LoTr GW Strategy Battle Games! War ON! ... Walts

1 JamieCraftworldMaiden  
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Nice work walter! I would attempt to do these but the results wouldnt look as good as yours!


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