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Dwarf Army 15mm Part 2 Warriors
As the Kallistra figures come in 4 Dwarves on a strip, like so:

There are only a few variations (other strips have Dwarves with sword and shield, and each set of 32 has one one strip with a standard bearer + hero), and the command set comes with the same figures as above but as singles. For the Kings of War I wanted units that were specifically sword and shield warriors, or spearmen, or two handed weapons like the Dwarf with the warhammer. So I cut the figures and separated them. This was relatively easy to do with only the wahammer dwarf against a spearman with cap causing some problems.

This had several benefits - allows you to paint figures of the same type together; it was easier to paint than having 4 all together. To get an irregular look take 10 identical figures say and paint 3 with light tan beards, 3 with mid brown, 3 with yellow, then one with orange. Next paint the same 10 figures tunics take one from each of the different coloured beards and paint them dark blue, then next similar sample with purple, and again with grey, and one or two with dark green. When the figures are mixed back together on the bases try to ensure you have different coloured beards and a mixture of coloured tunics and you will have an irregular army.

My next issue was how would the Essex fit with the Kallistra:-

Essex DD5 spear V Kallistra spear

Essex DD5 spear V block of Kallistra spear

Essex DD9 guard (centre 2) V Kallistra Hero, warhammer and standard bearers

As this shows the Essex figures are larger but do fit in - use of the same colours also helps.

As I was using the Kallistra bases I would set the figures out in preparation for gluing (I use rapid drying Araldite 2 part Epoxy). The warriors and two handed weapons in two ranks on 40mm by 20mm, the spear on two ranks but on 40mm by 30mm. Make sure on the smaller bases the ranks are far enough apart to get in to flock and textured the bases. Images of the final figures will be added to my gallery.

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