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15mm Spanish Napoleonic - Part 6 The 4th Infantry Division

Irlanda Infantry Regiment (2) - Line Infantry (Foreign Regiment in light Blue Coats)

Jaen Infantry Regiment (2) - Line Infantry (as for most references - except Michael Hopper who has them as Swiss. I had gone for the Jaen just before I got his Peninsular scenario books).

3rd Seville Infantry Regiment (l) - Volunteer Line Infantry in Shako

l/Leales de Fernando VII (l) - Volunteer Line Infantry in Shako

2nd Volunteers of Madrid (l) - Volunteer Line Infantry in Shako

Voluntarios de la Corona (l) - Line Infantry

The research behind the Division.

The complete 4th Division.

With this limited Blog I can only get 5 pictures for each one. Hence the rest of my pictures are on the gallery Under Ross - Napoleonics. Please have a look - as a painter trying to get the view of the uniform on side and rear was rare. Hence the extra pictures to help you in your endeavours.

The figures are all Alternative Armies - Brickdust as a mixture of Bicorn and Shako.

Adding the rest of the pictures now.

Category: Painting Guides | Added by: RMcN (26-Jun-2023) | Author: Ross McNeil
Views: 89 | Tags: Peninsular War, Napoleonic Spanish, 15mm Napoleonic, Brickdust figures, Old Glory, Stonewall, Alternative Armies, Spanish | Rating: 5.0/2
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