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15mm Spanish Napoleonic Part 2 - Vanguard

All Light Infantry:

2nd Volunteers of Catalonia (1)     

Cazadores de Barbastro (l) 

Cazadores de Campo-Mayor (l) 

Cazadores de Valencia y Albuquerque (l) - in kilts

Cazadores Voluntarios de Valencia (l)           


As soon as you start research on the Spanish uniforms you get the disclaimer - well it was all change at 1809. I am sure many battalions had troopers in old, new, new British or a mixture of these. If you are a die-hard historian then this is not for you. If you are a wargamer / artist and you are looking for where to start to get a look and feel of the Spanish battalions - and for me to be able to tell easily the Militia from the Poor/ Raw Reg to the Average to the Elite (hmm not many of them in the early Spanish army). I was wanting something within a reasonable budget - still costing hundreds of pounds with the masses of troops but on average 50p or less a figure (if you want quality and cost is not an issue then AB figures will do great they sit at more 18mm but are superbly well sculpted). So here is my contribution for what it is worth. [Certainly in the 2 years of starting it - then putting it aside seeing JJ wargames Talavera take shape and be completed saved me hours of pondering of what ifs?]

The complete Vanguard

The compressed research from Pinterest an other online sources (JJ wargames, S. Balagan etc.)

For these Light Infantry battalions I opted for the 4 bases of 6 (I use 24 figs in RAW or MILITIA and 32 in AVERAGE / ELITE), and most without flags which is deliberate. There were a few battalions like the Cazadores Voluntarios de Valencia  who I could not resist giving a command and standard bearer. As well as the Cazadores de Valencia y Albuquerque (with the Kilts). Now as to the figure manufacturers Old Glory for ; 2nd Volunteers of Catalonia, Cazadores Voluntarios de Valencia supplier of Spanish in Tarleton helmet (did think the general pose was a bit weird but painted up well, did have a few that the figure snapped off at the base, or the bayonet easily snapped off but there was always a spare in the battalion bundle). The rest are Alternative Armies Brickdust figures ( these were the crispest in figure - very little cleaning up to do and the metal bayonets were sturdy), with the final Cazadores de Valencia y Albuquerque from Stonewall miniatures (they are closer to AB figs in height and some can be rather thin / brittle with legs and bayonets). I will now add the extra pictures of this Vanguard Division to the Napoleonic section under my Gallery. Enjoy.

Category: Painting Guides | Added by: RMcN (22-Jun-2023) | Author: Ross McNeil
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