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Space Crusade - Skirmish to Contact initial battle

Your orders are to advance and engage localised enemy in order to probe their strength in key strategic areas. You are to destroy enemy troops without taking heavy losses.


McSwaff can barely believe it after two weeks since the failed attack on the Bastion of Chaos he is back on a transport ship preparing his men for a long campaign. This time as a Lt Senioris! He can barely believe that after losing his squad and seeing an Eldar and terminator squad being annihilated he returns and as a promoted officer. His information on the new Lord of Chaos had been invaluable to his superiors. The new threat of this evil Lord had grown exponentially with the new evil forces quickly taking over significant areas of space. The powers at be, decided that the new evil could not left unchecked, and made plans to halt the expansion.

McSwaff’s orders were to take a few squads and probe the Chaos lines, eventually to smash them and help rid this strategic planet of any signs of Chaos. He knew from recent experience that this would not be easy. Plus fighting on an Alien planet would create its own issues.

They arrived and disembarked they had a large area to recon and clear of any enemy. McSwaff set his troops as himself taking the right flank, a terminator Squad in the centre led by Sgt Phills, and a fresh Marine squad led by Sgt Murt.  It was not long before they were aware of a Chaos force ahead of them. But before they could engage they had to get around; wild animal attacks, strange plants that threw vines and entangled troopers, holes in the ground that swallowed a warrior in seconds, and strange noises that caused halts or caused panic across the troops.



As they finally battled through the strange native obstacles they catch sign of the Chaos force they are up against. To their surprise they see a Chaos tainted Harlequin squad, a Chaos Marine squad and another Chaos tainted Eldar squad. The canny leader McSwaff does not give his position away to the enemy as the Grey Knights and the Marine Squad move up to  engage them.



At first the Harlequins and Eldar seem prepared to sit in and take overwatch positions in woods and behind scrubland.  The Alien squads seemed unorganised and disjointed. The main Chaos squad on the left flank presented themselves to the Grey Knights who happily used indirect fire to smash them. But the Chaos commander kept sending his men forward in bundled groups over and over again at their side of the scrubland. The Chaos force were soon on break tests and running from the field.


Sgt Murt sent out his point man Private Jenkins who had a canny knack to find traps eapecially weakened round – usually head first! But somehow Jenkins always got out and up again. Today was no exception and after two pits he had just clambered up of the last one a Genestealer attacks him! Jenkins not put off - kills the Genestealer in one melee round and carries on. Sgt Murt and his squad face the Chaos Squads right flank. But only arrive to see the Grey Knights break them in quick order. They decide to move on and secure their secondary objective the hill behind the now quickly routing Chaos squad.


The Harlequin force decided not to wait and charged out and across to the woods on the other side of the road – hoping that there was nothing there and have a flank attack on the Grey Knights. Only to find McSwaff and a squad of dug in and determined Squats instead. The Squats, on overwatch themselves, fired blistering rounds at the Harlequins. Only to see every shot miss as the Harlequins appeared to dance around each round. Then came the melee – normally this would be a one sided battle as the Harlequins should have cut a swathe through the Squats. But the Squats had not bothered to read that part of the scenario and put up a tough fight – the extra training applied by McSwaff paying off. The superior numbers and excellent fighting skills of the Squats prevailed and they wiped out the Harlequins with only a few losses themselves.


The remaining Eldar squad have been pinned thinking that there was another force (possibly the Squats) making their way around the marsh. But when the Harlequins attack across the road revealing the Squats in the woods there they realise their mistake. In the Eldar group is a VIP watching the advancing humans, and looking very disappointed with the Aliens performance. After seeing the Chaos squad break and route then the Harlequins being decimated the remaining Eldar have no choice but to pull back. In good order the Eldar quit the field.


McSwaff can’t believe it that initial skirmish went their way so easily. He was at first daunted by the howling charge of the Harlequins. But was proud of the way his men had handled themselves not only to hold but to smash them. The Grey Knights in terminator armour and with their fire power had provided just what was needed to squash the Chaos Squad. Now to the next round of battle to capture and hold a strategic piece of terrain. McSwaff congratulated his men and the other squads, then organised the pick up of the wounded and the dead. Notifying High Command their initial success.



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