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Space Crusade Scenario Part 3 - The Bastion of Chaos

Your final assault to rid this part of space from clutches of Chaos. Your men recovered from the experimental labs are readying to fight. What you know is this Chaos Lord is different and has extra tricks up his sleeve but he must die. Whatever happens next the training of your troops must see you through …

The three squads approach the Lord of Chaos’ underground facility. The troopers find initial problems as Sgt Kerz ship hits debris as he comes through the atmosphere and has to land on the far side of the planet to make repairs. That leaves Lt Primus McSwaff to take the left flank, Exarch Executioner Craich from the right flank, Sgt. Illson to take the centre. Knowing the area in the trench in front of then will be heavy protected and with many devious traps they advance.

The immediately hit problems a Squat trooper hits a stasis bomb, the Terminator Grey Knights uncover Genestealers, and trigger a Vortex Grenade that pins the Eldar.

Then the Genestealers turn on the Squats who easily dispatch them. An Eldar warrior sets off a Stasis Bomb and the squads notice that large blocks of stone come crashing down in front of the Eldar, Squats and Terminators blocking their path and forcing detours.



A Squat sets off a Vortex grenade and soon disappears. When Lt Primus moves on point he is attacked by a Genestealer but quickly kills it. The Eldar and the Terminators arrive first and take up positions. They wait a turn until McSwaff and his remaining troops are in place.

The squads see the way into the Chaos Lords camp is heavily protected with two gun emplacements controlled by Chaos Warriors and a squad of Orcs and Gretchin. Then of course they notice the dreaded Androids that don’t die they just get back up again and fight!



After several rounds of shooting back and forth the Aliens are slowly eliminated. The way is now free to take on the Lord in his lair. Exarch Executioner Craich takes the initiative to use the Tarantulas to blast the Bulkhead doors. The Eldar and the Terminators take on the right flank while the Squats start to clear out the left. Apart from a few casualties this was going to plan. Now to do the job of clear up and rid space of the Chaos Lord.


Then The Aliens start to strike back. The Eldar and the Terminators take the brunt of the attack and start to loose casualties leaving just the two Commanders. When the Dreadnoughts appear at the same time the Bulkheads close down again trapping them.

On the other flank the Squats meet with the Chaos Warriors and a pitched battle commences. The Squats decide to retrieve the Tarantula to try and give them an edge.



If that was not enough a Genestealer attacks them from the rear.


After a Heroic attack on the Mark X Sgt Illson is killed. Leaving Exarch Executioner Craich facing both Dreadnoughts – he doesn’t make it.

On the other side McSwaff is left with two Squats who are desperately fighting a Rearguard action trying to get out. The Androids are back on their feet and join the Dreadnoughts as they picked off the remaining Squats. The Squats bravely defend their Commander who is trying to get his remaining force out of danger. But he fails and only just manages to get himself out alive. He is wounded but manages to get back to his ship. He signals to Sgt Kerz “Sgt Kerz its time to leave this rock, all my brave laddies are gone, so are the Eldar and Sgt Illson….” There is a long pause. Then he shouts “Kerz! You there! You better get your arse off the ground – NOW! They are coming! We need to get back to High Command and let them know this needs dealt with.” He thinks to himself and I will have my vengeance ten fold! Sgt Kerz responds “I hear you McSwaff. So who is left?” McSwaff quietly responds “… just me.”



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