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Space Crusade scenario part 2 - The Lure of Chaos

As your space ship heads to the destination of the Chaos Lord responsible for your capture and that of your comrades. A tech reports a signal. A locator beacon on one of the missing marines was picked up located and then the signal disappears It was on a small moon around a Gas giant on the outskirts of the solar system you know contains the Chaos Lord. All of this space is considered uncharted and not under any specific influence. The Commander issues orders to make directly for the moon and carry out a scan. Passing on the information to the other ships.


The Moon appears habitable and a small primitive settlement is found where the locator beacon came from. The Commander ready’s the squad and prepares to check out and locate the missing soldiers. There are no signs of Chaos or technology or even any space flight capability on the Moon. You prepare to ready an attack for dawn.


What happened in our game:


The Commanders decide to attack the village taking a quadrant each. Lt Primus McSwaff heads in from the North West, Exarch Executioner Craich from the North East, Sgt. Illson from the South West and an Imperial Army squad lead by Sgt Kerz form the South East. Their plan is to get in quick and hit hard.

The village setup.

Each approach the quadrants and through the early morning mist they can see two figures ambling about in the centre of each quadrant of the village. But as they get closer to them the figures turn and throw off the rags to show themselves to be Androids on guard duty – who shoot at them. Each squad takes out the androids but are surprised as they appear to start reassembling themselves. Eventually the Androids stand up to attack again but are soon shot down to keep them from killing any of their own warriors.


They realise the futility of fighting the Androids and instead concentrate on finding their missing men. They find each of the outlying houses have a few angry and aggressive Gretchin and Orcs, but these are quickly overcome. They also find the houses are also trapped. The casualties begin to rise as there is still no sign of any of their missing men.


Sgt Illson biggest threat came from a Vortex grenade that decimated a house, but he and his squad shrugged it off with their terminator armour. Fortunately the Vortex grenade soon disappears. His squad were met with some traps and a Genestealer they easily dispatch. Their heavy armour made movement very slow and getting through form house to house took time. Sgt Illson used his scanner to best effect to quickly determine the room the stasis pods were being kept in.


McSwaff and his team suffered the worst. The first building had a stasis bomb that held a trooper for a significant time before it wore off. They were being set upon by Genestealers that they managed to kill off, only to have one of the troopers with the only Heavy Laser cannon trapped in a building that collapsed on him, and eventually required the Commander Mcswaff to dig him out. Then later the Librarian who accompanied them was lured to Chaos right in front of them – required the remaining troopers to turn on him and kill him. Even towards the end they are presented with three Androids in the centre of their quadrant rather than just two.

The point where the Librarian turns to CHAOS!

Exarch Executioner Craich and his Eldar dealt quickly and effectively with the threats on their quarter. They were the first to discover the stasis pods and begin to revive and save the troopers trapped inside. But the troopers they found were all affected in some way. In one pod an Eldar Warrior had already converted to Chaos and immediately attacked the Eldar trying to save him. They did not flinch in killing off one of their own. After clearing the North East quadrant they moved in to help clear the South East. They could detect that their interference in the stasis pods was being detected and self-defences were beginning to take action.


Sgt Kerz who was picked up on route to the solar system also took a heavy battering from the traps, and Orc / Android / Gretchin guards. By the time he found the room with the stasis pods in his quadrant he was on his own and also found the Eldar already reviving the trapped warriors. By this time more of the reviving troopers are converted to Chaos – a terminator, two Imperial Squats, and Imperial Guard form Sgt Kerz troop and another Eldar.


The Eldar let the other Commanders know that their time was running short. But they were all determined to get all of the captured warriors out. Sgt Illson states to Exarch Executioner Craich’s warning with “We leave no one behind.” Just then the centre section of the town started to open as smoke and steam started to stream out of and around the walls. Sgt Kerz quickly and fearlessly made his way to the centre to stare down and see what was on its way. Sgt Kerz on comm.”We have company two Dreadnoughts on their way up – a Mark X and a Mark VII. Looks like many more on the way. Commanders time for Strategic Withdrawal!” He calmly turns and heads towards the first building planning to use it to block the Dreadnoughts line of sight on him.

Sgt Kerz doesn't get off scot-free. A single Genstealer attacks him and he kills it then another two appear. Sgt Kerz takes some wounds and makes his way quickly to the woods.

The Eldar follow heading out of the building with a Squat in toe. They had to give a firm push to the Squat who was at first trying to get across the centre of the village to McSwaff his Commander up in the North West.  Exarch Executioner Craich says “That way is the shortest way out of this village. Going to your Commander will only mean death. Come with us you will re-join your squad once we are away from this village. Now GO!” Lt Primus McSwaff was just getting to the edge of the village and the safety of the wood surrounding it when the Mark VII spotted him and fired upon his position. He was hit and wounded but he managed to push through to the safety of the wood. Sgt Illson being the slowest was still making his way across to the outlying houses when the Dreadnoughts appeared. The Mark X spotted him and fired but most of the shots missed or damaged the surrounding buildings. One shot hit but was not sufficient enough to cause any damage. Not wanting to take the full brunt of two or more Dreadnoughts he gave the order to move by sections that had him and his remaining men quickly out of sight and into the woods.


As the Commanders get far away from the village to the rendezvous point. The rescued warriors re-join their own Commanders and make their way to their ships. They plan to take off turn around and fire upon the village. They do so, and lay waste to the evil place and around six Dreadnoughts now patrolling around it. Now it’s time to make the Lord of Chaos responsible for this. Time for VENGEANCE!

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