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Space Crusade - Capture and Hold second battle

Your orders are to advance and secure a feature of strategic importance. Enemy troops are active in the area and must be denied the objective.


McSwaff , Sgt Murt and newly promoted Lt Primus Phills take up position. This time McSwaff on the left flank, Sgt Murt in the centre and Lt Primus Phills on the right flank. It would appear the Eldar would be facing McSwaff and his squats again. On the other side Phills would be face to face with a band of Orcs and a Chaos Squad. If Sgt Murt got to the middle he would be taking on the Chaos unit.



Very quickly the Chaos throw themselves up to the edge of the road, but cluster in groups. Only to be shot at by three missile launchers from Sgt Murt’s squad. The casualties quickly mount up and the Chaos are broken and running back out of the fight. As Phills takes his Grey Knights to his side of the road he is surprised by the speed and the vicious assault of the Orcs. They throw everything at him and he loses men to the melee and the dangerous Heavy Plasma guns the orcs prefer. He is outnumbered and could see the end of his command. In a last ditch to save himself and his two remaining terminators - he calls up his Psychic ability Fiery Aura. As the fiery blast shoots out from him enveloping the low armoured Orcs and setting them to flames. He knows this is a risk and it could kill off his own men as well! But he must hold the flank! But his gamble pays off as the Terminator armour he and his men wear protect them. Not surprisingly the orcs are devastated by the attack and they turn and run.


McSwaff did not fare as well on his side. After a series of rounds of fire his squats suffer more casualties than the Eldar he faces. Losing the Lascannons early on put his plans back. As his force dwindled he realises that he needed to pull back. He had done enough to tie up the Eldar and now Sgt Murt and Lt Primus Phills could come and mop them up. But with another casualty his squad broke and routed starting running for safety. Preventing McSwaff from a dignified orderly retreat.



As the battle neared the end Sgt Murt and Phills stood against the Eldar together. They would hold the objective an alien statue artefact that held some significance to the High Command. This was emphasised by the VIP who had attached himself to Sgt Murt’s squad. As the firing ceased and the Eldar appeared to vanish into the terrain. The VIP was quick to issue orders for the remaining soldiers to take a protective perimeter while he scanned the statue and babbled away excitedly about what the strange scratching represented.




The Eldar angry and disappointed re-joined with the broken Chaos and Orcs. They were ordered to capture an enemy soldier so that information could be extracted from them, and to hold the statue against the humans. They had failed to do either!


The Orc Sgt looked dejected and a bit scorched as he said “Bloody Termies, hiding in all that armour! We had them busted - then that Commander lights up and burns half me squad. What the ‘ell was that he did anyway?”

The Eldar Exarch asks “Did you capture any humans?”.

Orc Sgt “Oh aye, we had two of them. Even one Termie. Until he bloody lit up that is. He killed them he did. Would you believe it!”

Eldar Exarch “Sha’eil!”

Org Sgt “Well we better get back to the lines. Them Humies will be coming in strength now. Who do you thinks gonna pay for this screw up.”

The Eldar Exarch turns to look at the twice broken Chaos Commander, then turns back to the Orc Sgt “We all do.”

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