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Sharke's Gold Scenario and map

The Scenario itself, map at the end:

Objective Orcs and Allies

Tto steal the 2 wagons loaded with gold outside temple at night and leave by the East side - they have 12 turns to do so once dawn breaks. 

Objective Elves and Allies

The Elves already have the gold and plan to leave by West side at dawn, but most are sleeping in the temple only 2 on sentry duty - picked randomly (if with Allies they also get 2 on Sentry duty from their unit). 

Before Dawn

To decide on length before dawn that could catch the orcs out in the open secretly set a random number of turns as 2+1D4. Since at night the maximum visible range is 25cm with no illumination, but if character tries to see in the dark beyond this a Raw trooper gets 10%, Average 15%, Experienced 25%, Veteran 30% and take there overall visual arc from the front of the base with one base width either side straight in front.  Or they can try to hear an enemy up to 50cm at a standard 40%. The Elves Sentries could use torches or fire to increase the illumination they can see out to 40cm - but the fire would need to be behind them and this would make them clearer targets! 

The Orcs can use buildings and light woods to block field of view of sentries and can move deliberately slowly for which standard walk move is halved ( but nullifies Elves HEARING ZONE ), and if within 25cm use standard musket percentage for range up to 25cm taking into account modifiers terrain, cover , and whether character prone / crawling etc. 

To make it harder for the Elf sentries Orcs do not place figures until they want to or they are seen.  This can be done by Orc player recording roughly where the character is with ref to buildings/road junctions which could be marked A,B,C etc. If done this way and they can creep up to within 10cm of rear of sentry then they can melee (sentry gets  -4  for surprise attack on his usual mods ) ; if Orc result higher then Elf then Elf has been knocked out for 1D6 turns, if Elf result higher then the Elf hears the approach calls his troopers to arms and can attack the Orc as normal depending on his declaration action.

Recommend when alarm raised all hidden figures then placed on table - take it dawn breaks.  The Elf player will also place the Oxen (which cannot be killed and only move 12cm/turn at the first turn but can then move at 20cm/turn since) in the temple, market, or in one of the 4 buildings nearest the market allocate number and roll 1D6 to decide.  It takes 2 turns to hitch Oxen to wagons.  The Temple has one door in front and one in the rear - it has no windows.


Typically double time it takes to do anything in the pitch dark, ie loading in daylight takes 1 turn would take 2 turns in the pitch dark, climbing over a low wall will take 1 turn in the dark, climbing through a window / breaking down a standard door will take 2 turns and so on.  It is not possible to RUN in the dark - anyone mad enough to try gets a 50% chance of 1 wound and 80% of being heard.

Everyone in melee in the pitch dark suffers a -3 modifier.

Optional Variation:

Undead arrive 1D3 turns after Orcs, and at 1D6 positions ( #1-6 ) they can act in the same way as Orcs provided infantry, but can use Cavalry with intention of spoiling Orcs approach.  They are looking to kill any enemy Unit down to less than 50% and try to take gold off place they arrived.

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