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Flintloque - Sharke's gold scenario
The scenario starts with the Elves in the centre - in this case a Tavern with two carts laden with gold sitting out front. The Elves have set sentries around the Tavern.

Its is approaching dawn and Sharke and two small units of Orcs are creeping up on the Elves from the East. Sharke plans to take his unit and pin the Elves as they leave the Tavern, meanwhile Lt Cornfoot takes his Elite unit south of the market and intends to cut off the Elves to the West. Their plan depends on surprise and for darkness to hold for a while yet.

As Sharke and his Unit cross the field closest to the Tavern. One of his men steps in something that causes him to let out a small muffled curse. Sharke turns on him, and even in the mid darkness his eyes bore into the fool who broke silence. The unit halts.

A Raw Elf sentry is sure he has heard something to the East and goes out to investigate. But its still dark and he is relying on his hearing. (Image on the left above). Then just as the sentry approaches the start of the road he tries to consentrate on the sound he heard, and Sharke and his Unit stay frozen waiting for the Elf to return to his post. Suddenly dawn breaks across the valley. The Elf shouts the alarm and bolts down the road he is too Raw to think of running back to his squad. Sharke sees the Raw Elf bolt and signals for his men to take position along the hedgerow (Image on the Right above).

Lt Crowfoot cannot believe his bad luck he has not even made it to the market and dawn has broken (Image on left below).

The alarm called the Elves pour out of the tavern one units takes position at the front (Image on right above).

The other Elf unit heads out of the back of the tavern into the light woods (Image below left).

The battle starts with the unit of Elves to the North Firing on Sharke's Unit, while the other Elf unit sends four off to bring in the horse and oxen to the carts. The Sentries also exchange fire with Sharke's Orcs but with little success.

The Unit of Elves to the north bravely leap over the hedge and fire a volley into Sharke's unit unprotected flank to devastating affect. Sharke's officer is killed outright and he receives a wound. But as a true Orc hero he manages to light his one Orc grenade and aims it into the centre of the Elves. Blowing the three Elves to pieces. But his unit are dismayed by the loss of the officer and the unit morale breaks and two troopers route, and the remaining Orcs fall back. Sharke needs to rally himself and his remaining man.

Meanwhile Lt Crowfoot has got his Elite Unit ready to spring a nasty surprise on the remaining Elves (Image above Orc unit take position on South side of Western road) . Just as the Elves get the heavy carts moving. Two Elves Head out to the north side of the Western Road to engage the orcs to try and make way for their unit.

The final turn With Sharke and his one remaining man engaging the Elf officer on the East, Lt Crowfoot seals off the Western road and quickly dispatches the two Elves. The Orcs have one the day. Huraagh!!

Now what will Sharke do with all that gold?

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