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Main » 2015 » December » 6 » Wargames Sesssion 13th December 2015
7:21 PM
Wargames Sesssion 13th December 2015


We are now using the Volunteer Rooms in Irvine..

Every Sunday from 11am - 5pm, 


Our last weekend is next week the 20th of December.


Wings of War

Alan B, Ian B and can take others


Frost Grave

zellak, Ross, Andy, can take more



Iain M, Philson, Aidan, Jim R



Jamie S, Stewart W, Chris G, Howard, Robert and can take 3 others. 


Bolt Action

Walter, Stephen B

Remember to catch up on latest photos on our facebook page.
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Bolt Action will be cancelled so Stephen can look to build his Brit army. I'll be helping,
but would appreciate any advice from the more experienced clubbers on removing flash,
gluing bases, etc ... Thanks, Walts

A good cutting mat, a sharp craft knife, snips and some needle files and your good to go. biggrin


Yep, got all that, but I've such clumsy hands, that I've cut myself
to many times and now use files for all my flash removal.

If you could spare 10 minutes to show him, it would be greatly
appreciated and we can get on with doing all his models in
one go ... Thanks, Walts

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