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Main » 2013 » June » 3 » Wargames Session 9th June 2013
Wargames Session 9th June 2013
Bolt Action
zellak, Alan B, Keir

Heroclix, 40K, Magic - to be decided
Keiran, Stewart P, Aiden

Iain, Jamie McL, Craig, Owen, Andy Davis

Ross, Rory. Walter, Howard

M&M or other??
Stew W, William, Jamie S, Aragorn, Chris G+ ???
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18 Jabbaa  
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Thanks for a great game guys. Lots of fun and good to meet some more players. Don't know when I'll make it back due to work but certainly hope it's sooner rather than later.

15 zellak  
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i have been PMed on the Mantic boards from a guy called Rich from Troon.

( Clan McMantic group. )

He has some Bolt Action Germans and Commandos, so i invited him to join in the fray tomorrow.

The more the merrier eh ? happy

14 philson  
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you want gruul, then gruul you will get.
and keir's got a point the new core set is out in 5 weeks.
but if you have the money, game might have the gruul intro pack, which would get you a really good starting deck

16 CMac  
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How much does it cost?

11 Morgoth  
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I usually play Scots for SAGA, but don't have the Battleboard or dice for the game. Does anyone have spares I could borrow on the day? ... Thanks, Walts

12 RMcN  
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I have the battle boards, and dice for the Scots as I have been playing the Scots!! In last couple of games. Does this mean I must return to the Normans or the Vikings!!! wacko

13 Morgoth  
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I could play the Normans if there's a spare set of dice going? Rorys the Welsh, me Normans, u Scots & Howard ????

17 RMcN  
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Howard is Anglo Danes.

I can play the Normans, or the Scots. If Alan brings his boards thaen we can both be Scots! cool

8 smurfy  
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PS I know it is closer to 600

7 Che  
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Ha ha!

5 Che  
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To all Shadowrunners: I've started a role play thread if you want to join in. smile

3 CMac  
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I think I'm going to play the gruul deck again, but do you know any good places to buy a deck builder?

2 mcbale  
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Hey Guys, I will be in this weekend, anyone possibly up for a game of AT-43, if it doesn't throw a spanner into anyone's plans?

4 Che  
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I'll give you a game. Do you want me to bring in both armies or can you fix one up for yourself? Maybe zellak can bring his ONI army in? cool

6 zellak  
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That's no problem .

Just say the word Jack ?

9 mcbale  
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Hey Zellak, if you could bring the ONI in that would be great,


10 zellak  
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No problemo Jack.

i will bring in the ONi for you.

1 CMac  
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I think I was going to play a proper game of magic with philson. If he's still going to, that is.

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