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Main » 2014 » June » 29 » Wargames session 6th July 2014
Wargames session 6th July 2014


Craig McC, Jamie McL, Craig McD ?


40K 7th edit Space Crusade

Iain M, Ian W, Stephen, zellak


Space Crusade in the open

Ross, Howard



CJ, Stew P, Aidan, Cameron, Arron, & ??



Jamie S, Aragorn, Chris G, William, &??

Alan B


Add below ....



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24 smurfy  
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sorry guys not coming in tomorrow going to purchase some commander decks from forbidden planet

21 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Just being me, but there is no indication as to how much Hull Points the Razorback and Rhino have in the Movie Space Marines? Have i overlooked something or are we just using the base HP in the SM codex? devil

22 zellak  
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MSM are 5th edition , so as there were no hull points in that edition.

Lets assume they are the same hull points as 7th, eh ?

23 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Ah i see, lets just do that cool

19 Morgoth  
0 Spam
Hi Guys

Not going to be in for the rest of the month due to work commitments.

See u all in August, if I'm lucky! sad


14 smurfy  
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sorry guys nobody seems to be interested so i will just put the money into going to two prerealeses

10 philson  
0 Spam
In fact never mind am plain the other Craig at 40k

9 philson  
0 Spam
Can I join in the space crusade?

8 TheInvisibleGuy  
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Hey guys, I really have stumped myself with these ruddy Tau Transfers, you know the ones where you get an A5 sheet of lots of little symbols which relate to your Race or whatever. I thought they were stickers.. I was hoping they were stickers but when I googled them I found numerous tutorials on how to apply them.. lets just say that they were as clear as mud. Would anyone be willing to help me apply some onto my troops/vehicles. You will need to tell me what to bring though cause I have not got a scooby...
cool ---
*cough* is there anyway i can join in with the OP Spaz Marhines thingy? :p

11 zellak  
0 Spam
Aye, you want to bring in 1500 points of Tau and take on the movie space marines ?

12 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
Sounds good, but aren't other people playing too? How is the game(s) working out? B)

13 zellak  
0 Spam
Iain and Stephen are playing 750 points of MSM each. Me and Che were going to split 1500 points of Chaos/Orks.
You and Che can split 1500 points of Tau, which will leave plenty of Space Crusade stuff for Ross and Howard (who are playing Space Crusade.) I will umpire.

Maelstrom mission ( i have made up a deck)
6 objectives. The download is here.

We played last week. Che had 5 MSM (700 points) ...and i played 10 units of 10 slannesh cultists with Autoguns (700 points). At the end i had one unit left and 5 units each with 2 cultists running away. i put 5 wounds on the MSM but didn't kill any of them. For the loss of 80 cultists.

Fun game ! biggrin

16 TheInvisibleGuy  
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So if i am splitting a 1500 point force then i assume that i should only make a 750 point force? Also what force is Che playing?

18 zellak  
0 Spam
Could you make a 1500 point force and split it ?

20 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
Oh, i see you want me to make a 1500 for both of us & then split it haha, sorry i get it now, i can do that yeah haha cool

15 RMcN  
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I presume the thing you wanted help with (item 7) is the adding of transfers. I'll bring in what you need. There are some tricks that are required for Marine shoulder pads - flat transfer on curved surface is difficult. But otherwise they are just fiddly.

17 TheInvisibleGuy  
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That is great, there should be time before my game as Stephen usually comes in at about 12:30pm. cool

6 smurfy  
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hey guys calling magic player going to get a fat pack of theros and 3 more boaster packs does anybody want to draft if there are more that 4 people wanting to draft i can make make shist packs for a larger draft however u will not be able to keep the cards u pull ( They are all mine) que evil laugh

2 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
Just saying, but Craig McDonald is still on holiday so I don't know about you guys but he most likely won't be in as I hear that the trip from Florida to Irvine can be tiring.. biggrin

4 RMcN  
0 Spam
So what are you doing - are you in on Sunday?

7 TheInvisibleGuy  
0 Spam
Yeah I will be in biggrin Going to ask for help with something that perhaps someone will be able to help me with :D

1 zellak  
0 Spam
Hope we dont run out of painted 40K miniatures on Sunday !

We need 1500 points of Space Crusade miniatures.

Hellbrutes (dreadnoughts) are 120 points each....so should soak up a good bit of that....

But what if ?

Anyone got painted Orks / Chaos / Nids they could bring in ?

Chaos Androids (Necrons ) could count as Chaos Terminators ?????? wacko

3 RMcN  
0 Spam
How about Separatist Androids from Star Wars. I was going to bring these in anyway.

5 zellak  
0 Spam
Aye, Necromunda figures would be good to.

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