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6:12 PM
Wargames session 6th April 2014

Update we will be shut on the 20th of April for the Easter weekend!!


Jamie Swaffer V Robert

Iain, Craig McC, Craig McD, Rory, Jamie McL




Aiden, Cameron, Stew P, and ?



Saga / Gladiator / Ronin / Blue Max / Eldritch Horror

Howard, Ross, zellak, Ian W, Alan B, ...??




Stew W, Chris G, Aragorn, William, ??


Many to say if in and what they are doing ...




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16 Morgoth   (04-Apr-2014 2:35 PM)
Hi Guys

My Lords of Waterdeep came already, so I'm up for a game this weekend ...

>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d1LZ9Q4YU0

>>> http://www.northayrshirewargamesclub.co.uk/forum/37-497-1#4619

... It waaaaaay easy to play but difficult to master, as quests & intrigue dictate who shall rule the great city of Waterdeep!

15 Banksi   (04-Apr-2014 7:58 AM)
Hi all, I've arranged to play Wings of War this weekend, i got a few new aircraft for my birthday so keen to try them out.

14 philson   (03-Apr-2014 11:42 PM)
is anybody up for playing a game of at-43 this Sunday, am trying to get back into the swing so am ready for the campaign.

17 Che   (04-Apr-2014 6:27 PM)
I'll give you a game, capitalist oppressor wink 3000 points a side sound OK?

18 philson   (04-Apr-2014 11:24 PM)
yea 3000 sounds good

11 Che   (03-Apr-2014 7:53 PM)
A grateful nation gives up a prayer of thanks wink

13 smurfy   (03-Apr-2014 10:45 PM)
haha your sarcasm is noted m80 cool cool cool cool

8 TheInvisibleGuy   (03-Apr-2014 6:05 PM)
I take it Rory is playing Iain?


9 CRUSAD3R   (03-Apr-2014 7:39 PM)
I will play anyone who wishes to play me. After all we should be able to get a few games in one day, so we won't need to limit ourselves to playing one person.See you Sunday,

Thanks Rory biggrin

12 TheInvisibleGuy   (03-Apr-2014 9:28 PM)
Ah, the two Craig's were assuming that you were playing Iain. So they teamed up and are gonna do a 1v1 cry Would you wanna do something creative involving me, Iain, you and 40k? smile


19 CRUSAD3R   (05-Apr-2014 7:41 AM)
I've found a blog site that has made a few scenarios and some are multiplayer, I'll download them to my tablet and we can maybe try them out on sunday

5 TheInvisibleGuy   (03-Apr-2014 5:55 PM)
Hey guys, has anyone got 1 single unpainted or unassembled Guardsman. I am going to convert a little Guardsman into my own little Gue'vesa (Human helper for Tau). It will look epic but I ain't looking for pay any more than £3 for one smile


6 smurfy   (03-Apr-2014 5:56 PM)
i used to play guard so i might have one or two. I am not promising anything though but i will have a look for u m80

7 TheInvisibleGuy   (03-Apr-2014 6:04 PM)
Even if you had one that would be fab cool B)

4 smurfy   (03-Apr-2014 5:50 PM)
Or x-wing would also be very fun.
just feel like a wee change from MTG cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

3 zellak   (01-Apr-2014 5:49 PM)
will be late in this week....

10 Che   (03-Apr-2014 7:51 PM)
Super to hear from you again old bean. biggrin

2 Morgoth   (31-Mar-2014 3:28 PM)
Hi Guys

I'll be in this weekend and fancy a game of Gang Wars to get my mob some experience. Happy to play anything else as well that crops up ... SAGA, X-Wing ... oh, oh ... STINGRAY!!! wink wink


1 Che   (30-Mar-2014 7:59 PM)
Don't like the new font sad as the reverend said to the verger smile

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