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Main » 2014 » August » 24 » Wargames Session 31st August 2014
Wargames Session 31st August 2014

Saga - Crusades

Ross, Howard, Keir, Rory?




zellak, Jamie McL, Stephen



Space Hulk

Craig McC, Stew P



Iain Murt , Keiran, Johnathon



Aragorn, Chris, Stew W, and?



Rest add below...








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10 zellak  
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Jamie wont be in on Sunday due to family commitments.

3 smurfy  
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so guys its crunch time i cancelled my pre order from arcane miniatures as i found it cheaper elsewhere and was wanting a vote on what to get into infinity or war machine i have been on the ropes about getting into one of these games and wanted professional opinions

4 zellak  
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With Warmachine there are plenty of people with armies at the club.

No one, as far as i know, has Infinity stuff.

No brainer.

5 RMcN  
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From my experience it is never a good idea to buy figures and rules without several play testing sessions before hand.(Just ask Tom the next time he is in). Could you get the rules and use other figures for a while. Why not try out the Warmachine as that at least is being played. Then try out the other system later. biggrin

6 Banksi  
I've had a look at the Infinity rules and they look as if you get easily bogged down in counting pluses and minuses for everything. So a slow to play, complicated game but Nice figures

7 smurfy  
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yeah i think i have decided to go with war machine if u guys will have me

8 Banksi  
Don't just jump and buy something, play a few games first or watch how they are played.

9 smurfy  
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r u guys playing next week i might be able to keep an eye on it while playing saga

2 zellak  
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Jamie is playing Stephen (Tau vs Dark Angels ) WH40k 7th edition / tournament game 1

1 Zealyot  
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Myself Ian and Jonathan are playing Risus RPG biggrin

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