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Main » 2013 » June » 23 » Wargames Session 30th June 2013
Wargames Session 30th June 2013
Jack B V Keiran
Keir V Ian W

Starship troopers (after AT43)
Keiran, Iain

Cameron, Craig, Stew P, Jack B, + ??

Britannia board game or other
Ross, Howard, Mark, + Walter?

Gerry, Alan B, Ian B
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8 philson  
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To all our magic tourney players can I have a final head count cause am going to put the order in their tomorrow or Monday

That the moment players are: Aiden, Keir, Kieran, Craig, Jack and myself.

Can yous drop me a pm to confirm this or to say if you are dropping out ASAP

9 CMac  
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I will be doing it but I won't be in this week or the next as I'm on holiday (but after that its fine and ill be there)

5 mcbale  
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Hey Guys

There's a Warmachine tournament on Saturday, in Largs, it's only 15pts, would anyone be interested?

(if anyone is unhappy with me posting this here, please feel free to remove it)

6 Morgoth  
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Where's the tourney at? Any links, entrance fee's, etc ... Walts

7 mcbale  
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It's at the Bus Stop Toy Shop in Largs, Walts, but I don't think it's going ahead as there is only 2 of us going at the moment, 3 if we include yourself.

There is usually 1 every month so if you'd be interested I'll keep you posted.

4 CMac  
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Philson are you going to add me on steam, or will I add you. (if so I'll need your steam name)

3 Morgoth  
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Won't be able to make it in this weekend ... Walts

2 Banksi  
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Won't be in for the next 2 weeks

1 zellak  
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AT-43 notification is wrong...its Mcbale vs Kieran. (ONi vs UNA)

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