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Main » 2014 » October » 27 » Wargames Session 2nd November 2014
10:57 PM
Wargames Session 2nd November 2014


We have moved from Parterre Hall and are now using the Volunteer Rooms.

This has increased our space greatly and we now have access to more tables.

If anyone is interested in using our new facilities please come along and visit us.

Every Sunday from 11am - 5pm, At the Volunteers rooms in Irvine.


Space Crusade scenario - Hold the Line!

Howard, Ross, Craig McC, Stewart P, Stephen 


40K - new quest / scenario

Jamie, Iain, &?


Warmachine / Ronin?

Alan B, Walter, ?



Jamie S, William, Chris, Kevin, Robert, Aragorn?


AT43 campaign

Ian W, zellak



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Hey, still looking for two guys to join in on the new 40k game. I'll post the rules for the game. It feels like a whole new game when you play it like this, it feels like more of a Turn based game with the new rules.

I've got my Tau that someone can use as I would be Umpiring as no one else knows the rules yet. Here's the rules here, Supply and Demand. Even if you haven't played 40k before the game is simple to pick up (I'll prepare a Tau army for someone if they want to play).

PM or comment if you feel like you want to give it a go smile You'll like it I promise!

I'll come along with my space wolves, see what it's like :-)

Awesome, glad to have you try it out. I've got a spare Tau Army for someone to use so I'll need someone to join us aswell or I'll have to play instead smile

Anyone can join, it doesn't have to be a non 40k player cause I have a spare army for whoever might want to join.

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