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Main » 2013 » April » 21 » Wargames Session 28th April 2013
Wargames Session 28th April 2013
Heads up Cannonade - Falkirk convention 11th of May!! A great show well worth the trip if you can make it.

At43 tutorial games
Mark  Stewart W V Stewart P
zellak Aragorn V Jack B

TBA - Saga?
Alan B, Howard, Ross, Tom

Curtis, Aiden, + others

Heroclix + other games
Jason, Chris G, William + others

40K - a few young guys new to club and learning - (looking for a 40 K mentor Jamie McC? or David? Kieran plans to show them the ropes the following week)
Craig, Ian, Jamie
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9 smurfy  
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yeah that will be fine i will take care of them this week then play AT-43 next week
btw could anyone get in touch with aidens dad and tell him that i am going to be playing 40k this week so there is no need for him to bring an AT-43 army in for me to borrow cool cool cool cool cool cool

8 Che  
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FYI I have been in touch with Luke at GW and have put a new thread on the site.

10 mcbale  
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Hey Che

Is it a public thread? cause I can't seem to find it?

11 zellak  
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5 smurfy  
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btw i play warhammer 40k and have a decent imperial guard army and would be fine with showing them the ropes if you need me to cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

6 Zealyot  
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I was going to show them the ropes next week so that you could get a few practice games in with the Karmans if you wanted

7 RMcN  
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If you want to help them out that woudl be great. They play 40K online but new to game play. Take it slow and steady. But they are quick learners.

4 Che  
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Sent a contact email to the evil empire today. Some of you were copied in. I will keep everyone informed - remember loose talk costs lives, be like dad, keep mum (oops non-PC these days)

3 smurfy  
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cool B) cool B) cool B) cool B) cool B) cool B)

2 philson  
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I might be late in this sunday, cause its the mtg pre-release this saturday so depending in what time we finish at and what time we get home at, so it depends on how much sleep i get, if i have the will power it drag myself in on sunday. Has some 1 got a contact number for aidan, can they call him and ask if he is going on saturday please?

1 smurfy  
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Me and aiden are most likely going to have a game of AT-43 next week as well cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

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