Wargames session 27th April 2014 - 15 April 2014 - North Ayrshire Wargames Club

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10:59 AM
Wargames session 27th April 2014

Remember we are off on the 20th!!


Gang Wars

zellak, Stephen, Iain, & ...



Craig McD, Craig McC, Jamie



Ross, Howard, Ian B, Roddy, Walter, & ? ...


Game of Thrones board Game

Keir, Stewart P, Jack, & ...



Stewart W, Jamie S, William, Chris, Aragorn, & ...


Have a good Easter, add below what you are up to on the 27th.


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16 Morgoth   (26-Apr-2014 6:32 PM)
Hi Guys

I've to go into work tomorrow, so won't be at the club till after 1pm. I'll pop in to see if there's anything to play, but Civ is out of the question for me, till next time,


14 smurfy   (25-Apr-2014 8:46 PM)
how disappointing

15 zellak   (26-Apr-2014 1:53 PM)
I'm interested in trying GoT out ....but am playing GangWars this week.

Sometime in the future maybe ?

13 smurfy   (25-Apr-2014 3:09 PM)

10 smurfy   (21-Apr-2014 2:39 PM)
can i have names for game of thanes board game cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

9 Che   (21-Apr-2014 7:48 AM)
Can I join in with Gang Wars?

11 zellak   (21-Apr-2014 4:20 PM)
No probs. happy

We can all meet at one of your turfs..... wink

12 Che   (22-Apr-2014 5:12 PM)
Bring it on dudes

6 philson   (20-Apr-2014 12:42 PM)
I wont be in on the 27th am at largs all day long.

8 Che   (20-Apr-2014 3:36 PM)
There are worse places to be biggrin

3 Che   (19-Apr-2014 4:42 PM)
what's all this Russian crap that keeps appearing? Are they trying to annex the website?

4 zellak   (19-Apr-2014 9:16 PM)
Dont know what you mean !

What Russian crap ????????


5 smurfy   (19-Apr-2014 9:18 PM)
about to say the same thing cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

7 Che   (20-Apr-2014 3:35 PM)
angry Must be the Ipad they're trying to annexe then. I keep getting banners advertising games, brides and who knows what the fuck else. It's all in Russian so I don't know. Come to think, they never appear on the old laptop. wacko

2 CRUSAD3R   (19-Apr-2014 11:42 AM)
I have added the Vespid Stingwing Tutorial to the Painting Guides section of the Website. Please feel free to have a look at it and tell me what you think. Thanks,


1 mcbale   (16-Apr-2014 1:30 PM)
I won't be in on the 27th and I very much doubt I'll be back in this side of June

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